How can high blood pressure be reduced without medication (PHOTOS)

How can high blood pressure be reduced without medication (PHOTOS)

After 55 years, almost one in four in the world suffers from high blood pressure. The main factors that increase the chances of developing hypertension are unhealthy diet, low activity, and excess weight. If the pressure rises, especially in adulthood, you should immediately consult a doctor. There are several methods that can reduce high blood pressure without special pills.

How can high blood pressure be reduced without medication (PHOTOS)

These methods are useful in emergencies when the necessary medications are not at hand.

What is high blood pressure? Hypertension is a high blood pressure cider. High pressure is when the “upper” mark is 140 mm, and at the “bottom” – from 90. Do not self-medicate – you need to go to the doctor right away. The specialist will prescribe medications and special therapies to improve the patient's general condition. And you yourself can ensure a healthy future for yourself – give up cigarettes, reconsider your diet and play sports.

If the upper mark has been staying at the interval of 130–140 mm for two weeks, go to the doctor immediately. And yes, always keep a blood pressure monitor close at hand.

How to reduce pressure without pills All these methods must be taken as emergency. It is not worth relieving blood pressure in such ways every time – it can negatively affect your health.

Deep breathing Deep, calm breathing reduces the stress levels that contribute to high blood pressure. Take several deep breaths and exhales to bounce back. Each inhalation and exhalation should last at least 5 seconds. Oxygen activates blood flow, which dilates blood vessels. As a result, the pressure is normalized.

Cold compresses for hands Immerse your hands in moderately cool water for a couple of minutes. The cold will lower your heart rate, which will restore normal blood pressure.

Hot hand or foot bath When the pressure rises, blood vessels constrict. To expand them, you need to make a hot bath and hold your hands and feet in it. The pressure should drop after 15 minutes.

Mint tea Natural mint is a good calming agent and relieves stress. Brew a few leaves in boiling water. Drink the finished infusion after 10 minutes. Pre-cool the drink to room temperature. Some recommend adding honey. Drink mint tea gradually, in small sips.

Valerian Another natural remedy for high blood pressure is valerian tincture. The plant soothes and normalizes blood pressure. Drink valerian strictly following the directions.

Vinegar compresses Use apple cider vinegar compresses to quickly reduce blood pressure. All you need is a rag and apple vinegar. Soak a cloth in liquid and place the gauze on your feet. Remove the cloth after 15 minutes.


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