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How can you figure out what to do with your life? For the sake of Oleksandr Pedan for the youth

How can you figure out what to do with your life? For the sake of Oleksandra Pedan for the youth

Photo: press service< p>The project manager of the New Channel and the world travel “UniverCheck” shared the main points that you need to prepare for your profession

“Who and where do I want to work?” – nourishment, with which the young flock early and late. Not everyone is lucky enough to know the failure, as it seems, behind the call of the heart. Therefore, the leading project of the New Channel and the huge activist Oleksandr Pedan shared life hacks on how to turn your professional path around. , – says Oleksandr Pedan in an interview on the YouTube channel “GLOSTER FM”. – I will say from now on: if you decide which profession will begin, there are three words:

1. A job can bring in pennies. Without pennies, I won’t be able to engage in a new relationship. It's a pity, but it's reality.

2. Work can be fun! Otherwise, you won’t want to deal with it for long. Ideal if your hobby is to avoid work. This results in strong synergy. 

3. I will try this profession – both now and in the future. Sit down and think: “Yeah, I’ll read it, but how will this profession be adequate no matter what the fates? How can you save your work place?”

Olexander Perekonany, what is the great advantage of today’s youth that they can easily change the place of work and learning. 

– The previous generation was tied to robots so what the hell. Marvel at our fathers. For example, soon it will be 50 years since my mother has been working at the Khmelnitsky National University. “I’ve changed a few straight lines, and there are already more than ten rocks on the New Channel,” says Pedan. – But this generation can calmly shave here and there, and it’s cool! Our young people are not afraid of change. And these are the things that we and our elders didn’t deserve for us.

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Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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