How Chinese pandas react to snow

How Chinese pandas react to snow

The black and white bears that live at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding panda breeding center have cheerfully opened the winter season.

How Chinese pandas react to snow

A funny video with the reaction of pandas to the first snow was shown by the staff of the center, according to the TSN report.

The menagerie is located in the city of Xining in Qinghai province, which occupies the high Tibetan plateau, so winter comes there faster. The other day the animal enclosure was just covered with the first snow, and the pandas were so happy about it that they played games.

First, the two robbers practiced freestyle wrestling – throwing snow at each other and even biting, and then began to climb trees and demonstrate circus tricks on them.

The menagerie keepers claim that four-year-old pandas Qi Guo and Yuan Man react to snow like this every year. To prevent the bears from freezing, places with hay and heating were arranged for them.

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