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How Coyote is reinventing itself to make you forget Waze and Google Maps

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At Coyote, the user is at the heart of the company’s strategy. With five executives dedicated exclusively to conveying the “Voice of the Customer”, the French company stands out for its ability to adapt to the needs of its 5 million users.

It is thanks to this feedback that Coyote is now able to offer a brand new application, redesigned to meet the expectations of drivers while retaining the brand's know-how.

Less intrusive alerts

Engineers have first worked on the sound design of the alerts. Where Waze and Google Maps are often satisfied with basic alerts, Coyote has collaborated with Sound to Sight, a French company specializing in automotive sound design, to create more musical sound alerts while remaining effective.

The company wants to create a more peaceful driving experience, while maintaining a high level of safety. The new sounds thus make it possible to alert the driver in a more pleasant way, whether to signal progress in a control zone or exceeding speed.

« It was important for us to rethink the sound design of our alerts with the aim of combining serenity with efficiency, explains Stéphane Curtelin , Marketing and Product Director of Coyote. We worked with the expert teams from Sound to Sight, a French company specializing in automotive sound design, to offer our community of drivers more musical sound alerts while continuing to warn in the event of danger. Our main concern is to attract the driver's attention when necessary, thanks to our audible and visible alerts. And this is what has always been the strength of the Coyote driving assistance service, compared to other solutions existing on the market.”

More readable map and artificial intelligence

Coyote is also evolving its visual interface to improve the readability of information. The colors of the map have been revised, with greater contrast on the roads. New representations of traffic and closed roads have been introduced, using a universal color code (red/white dotted line) that is easily understandable.

To compete with the powerful algorithms of Google and Waze, Coyote relies on artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy of its alerts. The company has developed an algorithm for merging alerts reported by its community in the event of a temporary control. This algorithm not only makes it possible to avoid the multiplication of alerts for the same event, but also to calculate with great precision the exact zone of a speed check.

Coyote has enriched its data by relying on anonymized information provided by its users, combined with that of its cartographic partner Here. This approach makes it possible to significantly improve the calculation of travel times, particularly in the event of traffic jams, thus offering a credible alternative to estimates from Waze and Google Maps.

And more…

Unlike its competitors who focus solely on their mobile applications, Coyote is developing an entire ecosystem of driving assistance. The company announced the upcoming launch of a new driving assistance box, meeting the demand of millions of users who prefer a device dedicated to an application smartphone.

In addition, Coyote plans to launch a new version of its tracker for the Coyote Secure offer, further improving its efficiency and its autonomy. This product diversification allows Coyote to meet a broader range of driver needs, where Waze and Google Maps remain limited to their applications.

Coyote doesn't intend to stop there. The company has already announced an even more complete overhaul of its application for 2025. This long-term vision demonstrates its desire to remain at the forefront of innovation in the field of driving assistance.

« This major update of our mobile application, driven in particular by a new sound design that we have not changed since the creation of the service, is only a first step in the cycle of renewal that we have started at Coyote », analyzes Stéphane Curtelin. And to conclude:

By the end of 2024, we will launch a new driving assistance box on the market to meet the demand of millions of users of our devices as well as a new version of the vehicle tracker. offers Coyote Secure to further improve its efficiency and autonomy. Finally, we will launch an even more complete overhaul of the Coyote application in 2025.

  • Coyote launches a new version of its application
  • It focuses on the comfort of sound alerts and the readability of the cartography
  • Coyote plans further improvements in the coming months to compete with Waze and Google Maps

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