How cunning drivers clean the fuel system of a car with an ordinary drug from a pharmacy


December 23, 2021, 20:34 | Auto

This is what comes out of it.

How cunning drivers clean the car fuel system with a common preparation from the pharmacy

Many motorists periodically clean the fuel system. At the same time, they want to save money by pouring into the tank not special additives, but miraculous medicines. We talk about the sad consequences of such savings, informs Ukr.Media.

It's no secret that over time, soot and deposits form in any engine. This is especially relevant for modern engines with a complex injection system and sophisticated fuel equipment. By the way, the quality of gasoline is not good here. Even the best and cleanest fuel contributes to the formation of soot in the engine. Such are the laws of physics. It's just that there will be much less soot and dirt from such gasoline, which is filled at a branded gas station, than from fuel bought at an obscure “gas station”.

Wanting to clean the fuel system, and at the same time to save money, drivers remember their grandfather's methods, pouring the so-called “Dimexide” into the tank. This drug can be bought at a pharmacy.

There is an opinion that it perfectly cleans the fuel injectors, and the candles shine like this. The only problem is that if you just pour the bottle into the tank, there will be no effect. This drug in its pure form does not mix with gasoline. Dimexide must first be mixed with acetone, and only then poured into the fuel system.

Enthusiasts performed this procedure and found that such a composition does not clean the combustion chambers and nozzles well. Some significant effect is achieved if you soak, say, a spark plug in a similar solution. After the procedure, the soot is removed with a napkin.

It turns out that trying to clean the motor in this way is a long and ineffective exercise. At the same time, you can harm your own health, because “Dimexide” used for medical purposes for better absorption of medicines through the skin. If there are no gloves on the hands, then all the dirt that sticks from the spark plugs will penetrate through the capillaries, affecting the cells, and not only the liver. In the future, this may have a detrimental effect on health.


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