How even experienced car owners kill the car engine in the heat and don't say later that you haven't heard about it


July 7, 2022, 18:32 | Auto

What nuances of summer operation do we forget.

How even seasoned car owners kill the car engine in the heat and don't say later that you haven't heard about it

Summer and hot weather are considered a period favorable for &# 34; life and health car However, the summer season can be fatal for the well-being of the engine if the car owner does not take into account a number of certain nuances, informs Ukr.Media.

Banal "summer" a story that can accelerate the demise of the "engine" of your car – do not warm it up. Yes, we are aware that there are two main "sects" motorists are supporters of warming up the engine and followers of the lack of need for it. Both groups usually make convincing arguments in favor of their right, but this is not about them. Everyone knows that even in the summer, immediately after starting the engine, its revolutions rise above idle and decrease to normal only after some time.

During this period, not only warm-up occurs, but also the correct distribution of lubricant in all the nooks and crannies of the power unit, which is necessary for its protection during work under load. Some drivers do not wait for the revolutions to drop to standard indicators and drive immediately after starting – it's warm outside, why warm it up? As a result, increased engine wear and approaching overhaul.

This mode, by the way, is also harmful for gearboxes, especially variator ones, because they also have their own nuances with the temperature and pressure of the working fluid. If, immediately after turning on the engine, you press the trigger in a car with a variator – be prepared for unscheduled transmission repairs.

In the summer, many car owners go on road trips. And their paths do not always go through densely populated areas, where you can always find a gas station with good gasoline of the required octane number. As a temporary measure, instead of AI-95, it is necessary to fill in what is available — AI-92. One-time refueling with lower octane fuel really will not significantly harm the engine. But if "feed" its 92 instead of 95 for weeks, the unit can start to falter.

Most motorists change the air filter of their car strictly according to the regulations. And meanwhile, in the summer, the car's air filter gets clogged much more intensively – when not only dust from roads (including rural and steppe ones), but also a lot of insects, fluff and other things fly into it. As a result, it becomes very quickly and strongly clogged and begins to pass air noticeably worse. And the car owner does not change such a filter, because of which the engine works in more severe modes. Which is by no means beneficial to him.

In the summer, you need to change the air filter more often. Meanwhile, almost none of the car owners even think about it.

A similar story with engine oil. An engine operating in the heat in difficult conditions (for example, in the mountains or on rough terrain) quickly consumes the protective resource of the lubricant. Therefore, ideally, the oil change interval should be halved in the summer. But few motorists do this in practice. As a result, the need for major repairs comes much earlier than desired…


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