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How France can quickly help Morocco after the disaster

After a violent, deadly earthquake in Morocco, the question of international humanitarian aid arises, because the country has so far not accepted aid. material support from only five countries. The French government and several NGOs have proposed their services.

A magnitude 7 earthquake shook the country Morocco on the night of September 8 to 9, 2022. The epicenter of the earthquake was located in the Al Haouz region, southwest of Marrakech. The human toll is heavy: at least 2,122 people were killed. killed and 2,421 injured, according to the latest figures from the Moroccan Interior Ministry. Many people are still missing under the rubble.

The Moroccan authorities appealed for help. international aid, but they only accepted with the help of four countries: Spain, Qatar, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. France has promised 5 million euros in aid to local NGOs while Morocco has not done so. didn't want to respond to this appeal for humanitarian aid from France. This refusal is partly explained, quite probably, by a tense diplomatic context between the two countries.

France is awaiting Morocco's response to provide its assistance

"I decided to “this morning, from the emergency funds of the ministry, to devote 5 million euros for the NGOs on site so that they can work”, declared Catherine Colonna, Minister of Foreign Affairs, at the microphone of RMC Monday September 11. Since the G20 summit, New Delhi, Emmanuel Macron also spoke yesterday about this event: “The Moroccan authorities know exactly what we can deliver, the nature and the timing. The second you This help will be requested, it will be deployed, and we stand ready."

Moroccan rescuers are working hard to find survivors under the rubble of the earthquake that struck Morocco. the southwest of Marrakech. France is ready to to provide aid to Morocco, but the latter has not yet launched call to international aid. The Moroccan government wants to manage the crisis by its own means, and it fears some foreign interference. In addition, the arrival of hundreds of NGOs could be harmful in the event of poor coordination.

Aid from France

Some French NGOs and associations are already there. on site and intervene in conjunction with Moroccan organizations. Others, like Secouristes sans frontières, are waiting for the green light from the Moroccan authorities to intervene. Karine Meau, emergency manager at the Fondation de France, indicated: à France Inter that "a little over a million euros" had been collected to come to the aid of the Moroccan population. The aim of this call for donations is to provide essential assistance. because "the money that is sent will be used to buy from eat, drink, mattresses.

Jérémy Crunchant, spokesperson for civil protection in the Alpes-Maritimes, underlined that According to the World, a “team of around thirty people, doctors, nurses, rescuers, dog handlers, logisticians and specialists The transmission specialists are ready to take part in this project. to leave for Morocco.

In February, Turkey and Syria had launched a call to international aid after an earthquake which caused more than 50,000 deaths. The NGOs were then able to send volunteers and equipment quickly.

Gérald Darmanin, was also questioned about this. on French aid to Morocco: "France stands by provision of Morocco. Morocco is a large country, which has great civil protection and is able to respond to emergencies. this kind of difficulty all alone."

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