How LG wants to cover your skin with pixels

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LG presents its latest invention: an elastic screen that is suitable for surfaces such as clothing or skin.

How LG wants-to-cover-your-skin in pixels

LG has exited the smartphone market. But when it comes to displays, whether for smartphones or other product categories, its subsidiary LG Display is still among Samsung's main competitors.

So naturally, LG continues to interested in foldable screens, and rollable screens. But besides this, the Korean company is also developing a completely different type of screen: elastic screens!

LG presents its elastic screen

In a press release, LG presents a brand new technology, that of elastic screens, or rather “stretchable”, if we want to respect the vocabulary used by the company.

In concrete terms, the screen developed by LG has a diagonal of 12 inches. But its characteristics make it possible to stretch this screen, up to 20 % of its normal size. The screen can also be bent, or twisted, without causing damage. According to LG, this 20% expandability is an industry first.

How LG wants to cover your skin pixels

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“Based on a highly durable film-like substrate made of special silicon used in contact lenses, this 12-inch screen features a rubber band-like flexibility that allows it to be stretched up to 14 inches. The free-form nature of the display provides a state-of-the-art solution that surpasses existing foldable and rollable technology,” reads the release from the Korean company.

The screen (RGB, 100 ppi) does not use OLED technology, but rather micro-LED light sources. In order to improve the resistance of the circuit, LG uses an S-shaped cable system which supports repetitive deformations of the screen. The good resistance of LG's elastic screen opens the way to many potential uses.

What will it be used for?

It is not known when this screen will be released (but it is considered by LG). In any case, according to the manufacturer, his invention is suitable for surfaces such as skin, clothing, or furniture. LG also thinks that this screen could be suitable for fields such as aeronautics or automotive.

“[…] this unique innovation expands the potential of the ;display in various industries, including fashion, wearables, mobility and games”, also indicates the Korean company.

One can very well imagine the future products using this technology. For example, instead of wearing a connected watch, one could one day use an elastic screen with an adhesive surface, to stick on the skin, to access notifications.

But it is important to note that if LG has certainly achieved a technological feat, it is not the only one working on elastic screens.

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