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How LinkedIn influencers are driving entrepreneurs away from the platform

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In just a few years, LinkedIn has established itself as the social network of choice for entrepreneurs and executives. Well, not all. A study conducted by Flashs and Digitiz reveals that more than a third of French entrepreneurs still shun this platform.

Among the main reasons for this rejection, lack of time is cited by 67% of unregistered entrepreneurs. In a society where we are chasing time, the return on investment for an entrepreneur must be rapid. However, LinkedIn can be perceived as a time-consuming activity with no immediate return on investment.

More generally, 21% of those who are resistant see no benefit in their presence on the platform, while 22% doubt its usefulness for their specific activity. These figures highlight a huge gap between LinkedIn's promise and the concrete expectations of certain entrepreneurs.

80% of entrepreneurs annoyed by LinkedIn influencers

Beyond these practical considerations, the study highlights more harsh criticisms of the content shared on the platform as well as the general atmosphere. Nearly 40% of respondents, whether or not they are registered on LinkedIn, find that the content is too moralistic. Thus, entrepreneurs seeking pragmatism feel flooded with ideological posts.

39% of those questioned also complain about overly intrusive requests in their private messaging. These messages too often resemble disguised canvassing, which discourages them from fully engaging on the platform.

Finally, and above all, the proliferation of LinkedIn influencers annoys entrepreneurs. 80% of business leaders shun the platform because of these profiles who multiply publications and monopolize attention with posts that bring nothing to their business. An observation that we made ourselves by infiltrating this network of influencers for a few months.

When LinkedIn becomes Tinder

Another worrying point emerges from the study: almost half of LinkedIn users say they were approached in a context of seduction rather than professional. This phenomenon, particularly marked among young adults (77% of 18-24 year olds), blurs the boundaries between professional network and personal social network, which can dissuade certain entrepreneurs from investing in it. LinkedIn new Tinder ? Too little for serious entrepreneurs.

  • 35% of French entrepreneurs do not use LinkedIn
  • Content considered too moralistic and the over-representation of “business influencers” annoy many users.
  • Intrusive solicitations and misuse of the platform for purposes of seduction are other major obstacles to adoption of LinkedIn by some entrepreneurs

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