How long is the heat dangerous for the “automatic” box


July 16, 2022, 08:39 | Auto

Summer operation of automatic transmission.

How long is the heat dangerous for the automatic box

Heat is no less a difficult test for a car than frost. In addition to the heat loads under the hood and inside the friction units and units, the high ambient temperature is added. And in this situation, various problems can start to emerge. For example, automatic transmission malfunctions begin. But what causes them, if one of the main units of the car must demonstrate stability and endurance, informs Ukr.Media.

Why heat can have a detrimental effect on the machine, and how to avoid negative consequences. It's sad, but the fact is that the heat is just as harmful to the car's components as severe frosts, and low-quality lubricant, and rare maintenance, and non-original spare parts. When it's +30 outside, problems can appear one after another. For example, cars noticeably lose traction due to heat. There are problems in the air conditioning and engine cooling system. Brake failures can occur. And the automatic box may not be able to withstand it, and behave strangely. Let's talk about her.

Let's start with the fact that an increase in the temperature of the oil in the transmission, accompanied by various malfunctions of the unit, if it happened earlier, and did not depend on the heat that came, is a rather serious symptom that promises problems with the box. And then – expensive repairs. There are plenty of reasons for the temperature of the transmission fluid to rise. Here is a drop in the level of the lubricant itself, a decrease in operating pressure, and banal fluid wear. As a result of such problems, the lubricant can heat up to more than 120 degrees, which is harmful for the automatic machine. The fluid degrades even faster, increasing the wear of the gearbox. And here it is not far from the breakdown of solenoids, a clutch pack and other transmission elements.

However, in the "automatic machine" there is protection against a fool — when feeling unwell, the electronics usually puts the transmission in emergency mode, which notifies the car owner with a control lamp on the dashboard. And in this situation, it is important to stop operating the gearbox, call a tow truck and take the car to a technical service. Otherwise, you can earn a lot of problems, and then you can confidently order a new gearbox.

So, in the heat, the ATF fluid that circulates in the box, lubricating and cooling it, loses its properties. For example, as temperatures rise, its viscosity deteriorates, which directly affects the elements of the gearbox that rub against each other — their wear accelerates. That is why a cooling circuit is installed on many automatic transmissions. But if there are problems in the cooling system of the engine and gearbox, for example, insufficient amount of coolant, then the transmission will definitely heat up. And if the car is stuck, pushed in a traffic jam or is used at the peak of its capabilities, then the overheating icon on the dashboard will not have to wait long. And it will be followed by an expensive repair of the unit. Or its complete replacement. And believe me, at current prices there is not much to like about it.

If the "automatic machine" your car once gave you a signal, then until the reasons are found out, you should abandon trips, or make them when the peak of heat has already passed. Do not neglect the maintenance of the machine. Change the transmission fluid on time and repair it so that problems do not accumulate like a snowball in a hot summer.


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