How many hours a day do different animals sleep?


June 9, 2022, 20:09 | Animals

We find out who watches their dreams for the longest time, and who almost always does not sleep and does not get tired.

How many hours a day do they sleep different animals

Hardly any cat or cat owner has not been surprised by how much time his pet spends sleeping. After all, this tailed creature can sleep during the day, and in the evening, and at night. Although it still seems that it is precisely at night, when you go to bed with the firm intention of sleeping, that your fur has a sea of ​​hitherto unseen energy to run around the house, informs Ukr.Media.

Today we will tell you how much cats and other animals sleep. It's just amazing how the bodies of, say, giraffes, squirrels, and koalas regenerate differently. And the cats on this list don't sleep more than everyone else, as some might think.

How much do cats sleep

It is impressive that even nowadays scientists still do not know the exact number of animal species on the planet. And the average duration of sleep of many earthly creatures remains a mystery to science. And that's why we all still have a large number of the most amazing discoveries.

As for cats, they sleep from 12 to 16 hours a day. Therefore, you should not rush to worry if your unattended pet snores peacefully all day and does not distract you from household chores. Soon he will be hungry and will definitely go in search of his bowl. And if it is empty, then the owners will be in trouble…

It is unlikely that among our readers there are those who keep a giraffe at home. However, we could not ignore the fact that this animal sleeps from 10 minutes to two hours a day. Also, 2-3 hours is enough for an elephant to sleep. Although sometimes these large mammals can afford the luxury of sleeping up to 5 hours.

Horses and roe deer spend about three hours resting. But a domestic goat needs to sleep for 5 hours to regain strength. And such animals, which need only a couple of hours to sleep, arouse increased interest among scientists. Perhaps further research will help, for example, better study insomnia and its causes.

Who sleeps for a long time?

If with cats we have already figured it out, so let's note that dogs also sleep a lot. It just seems that these hyperactive four-legged friends are always ready to go for a walk. In fact, they are happy to sleep for 12-14 hours.

Squirrels can afford to sleep for 15 hours. And lemurs are ready to watch dreams even for 16 hours. It turns out that these "stripes" do not sleep for only a third of their lives. And it does not bother them at all. What can you say about people who are forever worried about their low productivity.

Tigers and lions sleep about 20 hours every day. It is quite possible that our domestic cats take an example from their older relatives. But koalas manage to spend 22 hours in sleep mode. It's amazing when these clumsy animals manage to do their jobs.


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