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How Mastercard and Bunq help you manage your finances with AI

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This unique partnership in the market will allow bunq users to have an overview of their finances, by integrating accounts from any bank directly in the bunq application.

At the heart of this collaboration is Finn, the AI-powered financial assistant developed by bunq. With Finn, users can get detailed information on their spending across all their bank accounts. For example, if a user asks Finn for a full overview of their travel expenses over the past year, the assistant will retrieve travel-related transactions from both bunq and any external bank .

This functionality also requires another major payment player. Mastercard indeed makes its Open Banking platform available. It allows bunq users to manage their budget effectively and plan their expenses in advance, without having to juggle several banking applications.

L&amp ;#8217;open banking, a booming trend

The adoption of open banking by bunq has already aroused keen interest among of its users. Nearly 40% of users surveyed reported a significant increase in their usage of the app in the two weeks following the launch of this feature.

This trend reflects a broader change in the banking habits of Europeans, more and more of whom are multiplying their bank accounts. At the same time, the macroeconomic context is leading European consumers to turn more towards savings and therefore, in turn, towards simple and effective financial management solutions. Thanks to open banking and AI, bunq and Mastercard therefore facilitate this management of multiple accounts, while offering a user experience fluid and personalized.

Open banking features are now available for bunq users in France, in the Netherlands and Germany, and will soon be extended throughout Europe. This partnership, announced during the European edition of Money 20/20 in Amsterdam, marks an important step for bunq. Let's hope that its competitors take inspiration from it.

  • bunq and Mastercard partner to deliver open banking and AI capabilities to 12.5 million European users.< /li>
  • Finn, bunq's AI assistant, allows users to obtain detailed information on their spending across all bank accounts.
  • This partnership is part of a broader trend of adoption of open banking in Europe, making it easier to manage multiple bank accounts.

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