How much did Sofia Rotaru's son and grandson pay to escape abroad


March 12, 2022, 06:03 | Culture

It became known how much.

What amount did the son pay and the grandson of Sofia Rotaru for fleeing abroad

The son and grandson of the legendary singer Sofia Rotaru and six other men wanted to illegally enter the territory of Moldova from the territory of Ukraine. A citizen of Moldova helped fugitives of draft age to leave Ukraine, which has been at war with the Russian Federation for more than two weeks. According to the regional prosecutor's office in Vinnytsia, the court granted the petition against the twenty-four-year-old Moldovan, informs Ukr.Media.

There is information that Anatoly and Ruslan Yevdokymenko and other Ukrainians from the group of fugitives paid a resident of Moldova two thousand dollars each in order for him to help them cross the border.

The suspect understood how the state border of both Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova is guarded. He knew how and where mobile units were deployed and border units were located. Having agreed on the time and place of the illegal crossing of the Ukrainians, on the evening of March 7, he crossed the Dniester River on an inflatable boat to the shore of Ukraine near the “Mohyliv-Podilskyi – Otach” checkpoint, where a group of Ukrainians of draft age was already waiting for him. The fugitives' plan was quickly declassified, and all Ukrainians and a citizen of Moldova were arrested.


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