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Drink the right amount of water every day is essential for our health. But do you really know how much you should consume? It all depends on your weight and age. This simple table will enlighten you.

It's a fact, our body needs water to function properly on a daily basis. Every day we lose water through urinating, sweating and even breathing. It is therefore crucial to compensate for these losses by drinking enough, especially during the summer. whereù the needs of the body are the most important.

But how much is there? ideal for drink every day ? Everyone already has something to drink heard this answer: 1.5 liters of water per day. It is easy to use and easy to use. visualize since this represents the quantity contained in a large bottle of water. However, this is a bit simplistic or even completely false since it does not take into account many criteria.

How much water should you really drink per day ? It all depends on your weight, this simple table gives the answer

What do scientists really say ? In France and many European countries, the official recommendation is to drink 30 ml of water per kilo of body weight every day. This figure can be found in the latest reports from EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority. With this figure, it means that an adult weighing 50 kilograms should consume between 1500 and 2000 milliliters per day, while a person weighing 80 kg would need at least 2400 ml daily. Here is a table to help you see things more clearly and find your own estimate:

This seems like a lot to you? Yes but be careful, these figures include first of all the entire water consumption in a day , it's à say what you drink but also what water you swallow when eating. A high consumption of fruit can therefore help you gain weight. achieve this daily goal. Conversely, be wary of sugary drinks or stimulants. The café for example or even the theme are recognized for their strong diuretic power. You will therefore eliminate more!

These figures are also averages which can vary depending on several factors such as age, activity level, etc. physical, climate or even the state of health. For example, elderly people, athletes and the sick will have different, often greater, water needs. Same thing for young children. Don't hesitate to join us! seek the advice of your attending physician.

Hydration is in any case not necessary. take &agrav; the light. Not drinking enough can have harmful consequences on the body. The body quickly sends signals: dry mouth but also cramps, headaches or fatigue. Even slight dehydration leads to a decline in physical and mental fitness. In the long term, a chronic lack of water can even lead to serious problems. serious health problems like kidney failure.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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