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How often should you turn off your cell phone ? Here are the answers from experts on the subject

Regularly turning off your phone can have beneficial effects on its lifespan and operation.

Although there are more and more of us à own a smartphone and be able to use it on a daily basis, many users do not take sufficient care of their device. However, it is essential to properly maintain and take care à our telephone if you wish to have it as long as possible.

Maintenance of a smartphone involves many small steps. practice on a daily basis: put away your applications, uninstall those that are unnecessary, ensure that you have a good charger, limit the maximum recharge of the device ;#39;device…And turn it off from time to time! This innocuous and ultimately rather impractical gesture would, according to many smartphone owners, have beneficial effects on health. of their device. But what is it really??

How often should you turn off your cell phone ? Here are the answers from experts on the subject

Some smartphone users have the habit of turning off their device during the night. trying to be woken up by possible notifications or calls, but also to restart the phone's operating system fairly quickly. regularly. But do you really need to turn off your smartphone so regularly to take care of it ? Several experts have recently looked into it  ;eacute;s on the subject.

First of all, it is important to know what the effects of turning off a smartphone really are. Above all, this allows you to restart your operating system from time to time, so that it works more efficiently in the long term. And in this matter, a daily reminder can prove useful but is undoubtedly a little too frequent. Experts generally advise completely turning off your phone once a week. A minimum. Relaunching your device's operating system will also help avoid possible small bugs# 39;operation or display which could occur during the day.

But this manipulation is not enough à maintain a healthy smartphone. It is always recommended to be careful about the applications you download and to do a little cleaning from time to time among those you no longer use. Finally, integrity The physical condition of your phone is also affected. take into account. The various components that integrate a smartphone are fragile and can malfunction if the latter is damaged. or poorly maintained. This includes avoiding keeping your device in the sun for too long, getting it wet, or having it filled with dust or sand. A well-maintained smartphone is a smartphone that lasts longer!

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