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How Samsung is preparing for the end of the smartphone era

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Smartphones are today essential tools in our daily lives, whether to stay connected with our friends, in professional life, or even to access essential features such as payments. However, some now predict that before the end of the decade, smartphones will gradually be replaced by another type of device: augmented reality glasses.

Among those already anticipating this transition is Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta. In 2020, he shared his vision for 2030. And in this vision, he imagines a replacement of smartphones with connected and augmented reality glasses. “While I expect phones to remain our primary devices for most of this decade, at some point in the 2020s we will have revolutionary augmented reality glasses that will redefine our relationship with technology”, he wrote. This is also the reason why Meta is investing massively in its AR/VR branch, although it still does not generate profits.

Like Meta, Apple is also fully into reality increased and after presenting the Vision Pro headset, it is preparing to launch this product in 2024. For its part, Samsung has not yet presented anything. But the Korean giant is indeed preparing its return to the AR/VR market (Samsung had already marketed a virtual reality headset, before abandoning this product). And today, his plans are becoming clearer.

The clues multiply

For the moment, we just know that Samsung is working on an augmented reality product. But we do not know when it will be presented, nor the characteristics. On the other hand, many media regularly mention Samsung's AR project, like the Galaxy Club site, which has just published an article on the subject. In summary, this mentions new registered trademarks that Samsung has requested in Korea, and which suggest that the presentation of the augmented reality product could be imminent.

As a reminder, it is in February 2023 that Samsung has formalized its plan to enter the augmented reality market. In order to develop its AR/VR products, the Korean giant relies on a partnership with two tech giants: Google and Qualcomm.

While Qualcomm already offers chips for mixed reality platforms, rumors suggest that Google, for its part, is developing an Android equivalent for this technology. Thus, Samsung's augmented reality products could therefore have many similarities with its smartphones, since they would use chips developed by Qualcomm and an operating system developed by Google.

Apple, for its part , would have a complete solution, since the Vision Pro headset uses an Apple Silicon chip, and a proprietary operating system.

  • While Meta and Apple are already deep into augmented reality, Samsung is also advancing its pawns
  • New clues suggest that the launch of the first headset or the first AR glasses from Samsung is being prepared
  • At the start of the year, the giant Korean had formalized a partnership with Google and Qualcomm to launch into this new product category
  • According to certain predictions, in a few years, augmented reality glasses could gradually replace smartphones
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