How the color of a cat affects the material wealth and happiness of its owner


June 22, 2022, 23:08 | Animals

How your pet can help you.

How the color of a cat affects material wealth and the happiness of her master

Since ancient times, cats have been considered mystical animals. They were endowed with special abilities that extended to their owners. In addition, in the past, a pet was carefully selected, attention was paid to its color, because it was believed that it attracts a certain energy. We offer to find out what and from which cats are expected, informs Ukr.Media.

White cat

White cats have medicinal properties . Thus, they can positively influence the course of their hosts' diseases. When something hurts in a person, the pet immediately comes and lies down on the sore spot. With their energy, they relieve tension in the sore spot.


Color-point cats give their owner longevity. A person next to such a cat will get sick less, and the house will be filled with harmony and mutual understanding. Such cats will also bring success to their owner.

Striped cats

Striped cats are guides to the afterlife. Such animals intuitively guide their owners to make the right decision. Such a cat also brings good luck to its owner.

Red cats
Red cats bring wealth to the house. According to beliefs, the color of such a cat attracts prosperity and financial status.

Grey cat

Grey cats are able to bring emotional balance to the house. However, this is not their only property. Such cats strengthen family bonds and bring understanding to the couple.

Tricolor color

Tricolor cats attract happiness and luck to the house. In a house with such a cat there is always harmony and understanding. The owners of the pet will always be accompanied by luck and financial success. Also, such a pet is able to smooth out all conflicts and calm each family member.

Black cat

Black cats are endowed mystical properties. Despite the stereotype that a black cat brings misfortune, such pets are able to take away negative energy from the owner and protect the house from troubles and dark energy.


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