How the Germans put order in the house: cleaning rules and little secrets


    July 19, 2022, 19:02 | Science and technology

    Why do Germans have a clean house.

    How to put order in the house Germans: cleaning rules and little secrets

    Why are Germans called pedantic? All this is because they are trying to put everything in order, in the state administration, in the house where they live. And as for the second, the Germans even have their own house cleaning system, which would definitely suit our housewives, informs Ukr.Media.

    Cleaning rules in German

    The house cleaning system of the Germans was called “shiny house''. A very interesting definition that corresponds to reality. Now let's tell you what is included. But it is important to learn two more rules of the Germans. First: the Germans, as I have already said, put everything in order. Therefore, before cleaning, they make a plan, a list, which they follow. Second: Germans keep an accounting system, keeping track of their income and expenses. This allows them to save up for some big purchases or trips.

    Hiding Evidence

    One of the important rules of cleaning in German! It is about the fact that you need to immediately clean up after yourself. They came home from the street in dirty shoes – they should be washed immediately, and the floor in the hall should also be wiped. After dinner, you need to immediately wash the dishes, etc. This is a very reasonable rule that eliminates the accumulation of things and cluttering the apartment.

    Room of the day

    So, how do you usually clean? Like most of you, you probably do a general cleaning once a week, right? And so once a week, we vacuum every corner of our apartment, but the Germans do it differently. They choose one room and clean it in a maximum of 30 minutes. The next day they will clean another room, and so on. And so, if we work all week, and on weekends we are generals, then the Germans choose a room of the day every day, and on weekends they go somewhere or spend time with their family.

    Daily tasks

    A shopping list, a to-do list, and a to-do list are very useful! So, about the to-do list! Germans write some daily tasks for themselves, and perform them. For example, watering flowers, airing rooms, etc. The list of tasks can be diverse. And as for the dust, the Germans wipe it every day.

    Sheep, ducks and worms

    This is not a simple set of words and no joke. For the Germans, cleaning is a real exemplary event. And they came up with interesting words for each of the cases. For example, "sheep" is some additional cleaning task. Let's say today the bathroom becomes the room of the day. So, for her, the additional task can be absolutely anything, let's say, clean the drain! "Ducks" are some tasks for "decluttering" space "Worm'cells" — small tasks assigned to children. Germans try to accustom their children to order from childhood.


    Despite this love of order, and established rules , Germans turn to cleaning services. Let it be infrequent, but still. This is what they do when they need to clean up after repairs or for general cleaning.

    Get rid of junk

    Unnecessary things in the house of the Germans no, not in the storerooms, not on the balcony, not anywhere. And this is something our housewives should definitely learn. As usual, we bought a new thing, and we put the old one somewhere. And the Germans, having bought something new, immediately throw away the old!

    The Germans are impressive with their demandingness for order and cleanliness!


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