How the 'star spy' allegedly hacked into his alleged victims

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How “the spy of the stars” managed to hack his alleged victims

The accused Pascal Desgagnés.

New evidence documents filed in class on Friday lift the veil on the methods of Pascal Desgagnés, the alleged ” star spy”.

The 48-year-old man is accused of having hacked into the cellphones of Quebec personalities. The identities of several of them are protected by a publication ban.

By viewing the browsing history of the computer of the x27;accused, the cybercrime investigator of the Sûreté du Québec, Alain Rioux, was able to draw up his modus operandi.

First, Pascal Desgagnés allegedly collected information about his alleged victims that was publicly available on the net. In some cases, he was able to obtain their date of birth, home address and pet names by scanning their social media profiles.

The purpose of this collection? Answer the security questions of the accounts of its alleged victims. Some mailboxes, such as Outlook, allow you to log into an account by answering various questions of a personal nature.

In several cases, Pascal Desgagnés would have succeeded in accessing the mailboxes of the people targeted by this simple method. As most social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Apple) communicate by email, the accused was then able to request password changes on the sites concerned.

From there, the investigators believe that Pascal Desgagnés was then able to access the Facebook accounts, iCloud of his victims, the photos and videos that were there. In particular, he used the Russian hacking software Elcomsoft, which allows the user to recover all the information contained in an iPhone.

Pascal Desgagnés is said to have hacked the cell phones of stars by gathering information available on the Internet.

Pascal Desgagnés was said to have been very active in moment. During the month of June 2018, he reportedly made around 500 password recovery requests to Apple.

The trial of Pascal Desgagnés is scheduled to resume next Monday at the Quebec City courthouse.

With the collaboration of Yannick Bergeron and Camille Carpentier

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