How to always stay with money


August 6, 2022, 08:34 | Business

Little tips from magicians.

How to always stay with money

Absolutely each of us faces a problem lack of money Many have the impression that everything flows through their fingers: you work, work, and there is practically no money left. The point is, experts say, that in addition to earning money, you also need to be able to attract it, so that it settles in your wallet and does not run away from it, informs Ukr.Media.

By following simple rules and thinking positively at the same time, experienced people say, you will be able to significantly increase your material well-being.

1. It is better to keep money in the house in red bags or envelopes (you can make them yourself) in the eastern part of the house. The purposes for which the money will go must be positive. So they will be preserved and multiplied. The place for storing jewelry is northwest of the apartment.

2. Documents related to payments (various receipts and books for utility payments, gas, telephone, credit) should be kept in a red folder. In this case, you will attract money to cover the debt, you will no longer have problems with payment.

3. Do not count or discuss other people's income – your money will not be there! Remember that envy of other people's wealth and dislike of the rich make you poorer.

4. Give and receive debts, pay for purchases without transferring money from hand to hand. It is believed that the bad energy of another person can be transmitted with them. Someone will consider it delusional, but it is not for nothing that there is a special stand for money in stores. Sellers intuitively feel the correctness of this statement.

5. Get rid of the habit of throwing, shoving money in your pockets or scattering it anywhere. Keep money in a special place at home or in your wallet.

6. When receiving guests, never finish the remaining alcohol in their glasses and do not finish the food left on their plates.

7. To attract monetary energy, keep a pinch of cinnamon and mint leaves in your wallet. These plants perfectly attract money.


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