How to balance nutrition for healthy joints

A balanced diet will help to preserve healthy joints.

Как сбалансировать питание для здоровых суставов

A balanced diet is important condition in order to be healthy, which is essential for the spine and joints. Nutritionists constantly repeat the need to the diet was balanced — so it can protect from many diseases, contributing to the intake of sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins.

It is very important when designing diets to consider reducing the consumption of sodium chloride (table salt). When she begins to be deposited in bones and joints, arise and develop a serious illness.

— Also unsafe and sugar contained in large quantity in jam, cakes, sweet carbonated drinks, and white flour.

— We should completely abandon the use of meat industrial products (sausages, sausages, canned), margarine. To minimize the use of the muffin and smoked.

— To restore lost as a result of diseases of the tissues of the joints and spine, will require plastic materials that can be obtained from food. It is, first and foremost, protein, which consist of our muscles, immune cells and many hormones. The deficiency of this “building material” leads to a disruption of the heart, which limits the possibilities of therapy.

The main protein is collagen that constitutes 25% protein mass of the human body. Without it you cannot restore the damaged structures of the spine.

— Active participation in the recovery process is taking and calcium — the main component of bones (90% of the calcium from its total amount in the body is contained in the skeleton). This element affects the bone’s strength, which is markedly reduced in diseases of the spine and joints.
Also, calcium in dire need of nervous system and spinal cord. The key barriers to the uptake of this trace mineral are vitamin D deficiency and lack of exercise.

— For the formation of bone tissue needs phosphorus, magnesium and manganese, delivering oxygen to all cells and organs.

For good nutrition it is important to saturate your diet with polyunsaturated fatty amagami-3 acids, which regulate cholesterol levels in the blood and protect from heart attack and other heart problems.

— To normalize blood pressure and heart requires potassium, which regulates the composition of fluid in the blood and throughout the body.

— Production of testosterone – the hormone that is present not only in male but also in female body, promotes zinc, without which it is simply impossible the formation of a good muscular corset.

— For a healthy immune system and heart activity need selenium and copper, deficiency of which leads to incorrect posture, weak ligaments and joints.

— A good tool for maintaining health of the joints and spine are vitamins that also enter the body with food.

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