How to choose an icon and ask it for quick help


March 8, 2022, 8:04 p.m. | Culture

Following a few recommendations, you can tune in and deliver the words of prayer.

As required choose an icon and ask her for quick help

In difficult situations, in order to make life easier or better, a person resorts to the help of holy images. But not everyone knows how to ask an icon for help and protection. Requests or wishes must be pronounced properly so that they are heard, informs Ukr.Media.

How to choose an icon for prayer

People often resort to the help of saints when they get into difficult situations. There is a feeling that there is no greater power in the world that can help and hear their requests. In such a case, prayer in front of a holy image is sometimes a lifeline for a person.

Prayed in front of icons in ancient times to get rid of incurable diseases, troubles and other afflictions.

Icons that grant miraculous healing are kept in churches, and people often go to them from different parts of the country. But in this case, they are looking for a means to solve their difficulties, not a way to approach the Lord.

It doesn't matter what face may be on the icon to start praying. It needs to be felt so that it attracts and has at its disposal for communication. Sometimes a person prays many times near the icon to which he was pointed, but nothing happens. There are several reasons for this:

  • There was no sincerity. Probably, it is not yet so hard on the soul to see the interlocutor and the listener in the image;
  • The image is not perceived, erroneous or far-fetched.

You can pray near any icon . A person should choose an icon from a personal relationship to an image. Even Seraphim of Sarovsky had a lover – the face of the Mother of God, near whom he prayed, felt her with his heart and soul.

How to ask icons

Addressing the holy image is expressed in prayer. It can be the one written in akathists, kondaks and other word forms. But the one that comes from a pure heart, from the depths of the soul, is no less significant. It will be more quickly heard and implemented in life for emergency care.

You can read “Our Father”, adding any request of yours to these words. There is another very powerful prayer that is comparable to the one that Christ recited in the Garden of Gethsemane:

"My Father! If possible, let this cup pass from me, however, not as I wish, but as you do.

What a person should remember when starting to pray:

  • The importance of words in prayer, not to forget its purpose. It is intended to praise the Heavenly Father in order to find a spiritual connection with him;
  • To have confidence that all words will be heard. If there is a doubt that the words fly into the void, then there will be no point in such a prayer;
  • Understanding the meaning of the prayer, and not saying it by heart, is learned. Prayer “Our Father” helps to find inspiration;
  • It is necessary to concentrate. Peter and Paul gave instructions to believers: it is necessary to be restrained and sober while reading it, not to sleep in it. When thoughts are occupied with something else, it is difficult to remain in prayer.

In front of the icon, a person not only pours out his sorrows, but also asks for forgiveness of sins. Not everyone has much time to pray, or is not in the habit of doing so. But to read "Our Father" 20 seconds is enough, and there can be many such segments during the day. It helps to find time to communicate with God.


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