How to clean the dirt on the baking form, if there is no hard sponge at hand


    July 16, 2022, 12:08 | Science and technology

    Recommendation from experienced housewives.

    How to clean dirt on baking dish, if you don't have a hard sponge at hand

    A baking dish is one of the most necessary things in the process of cooking various dishes in the oven. Due to their demand, the molds eventually become covered with a persistent layer of burnt fat and food residues, informs Ukr.Media.

    You can remove such stains and spills only by armed with a metal scraper or a stiff brush.

    However, sometimes forgetful housewives are left without this important working tool in the kitchen. This happens when the old sponge goes to rest in the trash can, and the need to buy a new one just flies out of your head.

    In order not to run to the store late at night in search of the necessary washcloth, ordinary foil can come to the rescue. which is used for baking.

    Make a convenient ball from the material and, adding a little dishwashing liquid, walk around the sides of the container.

    This way you can clean the baking dish with a minimum of effort , time and money.


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