How to cool the house in the heat without spending money


    June 30, 2022, 16:06 | Science and technology

    Several effective ways.

    How to cool the house in the heat without spending money

    High temperatures are one of the biggest problems of the summer season, especially when the house is as hot as the outside. In addition to air conditioners or other methods of refreshment, there are some things you can do without spending money at all, informs Ukr.Media.

    • Keep the windows and doors of rooms open during the night until early morning; it is easier to maintain a constant temperature in the house than to try to lower the temperature it has already gained from the heat. Also open the door in the house in the morning. As soon as the house is cool by morning and the temperature inside is already lower than outside, close the windows and doors.
    • At noon, when the temperature is still high, close the windows with a dark cloth to prevent direct sunlight from entering. .
    • After sunset, if the house is hotter than outside, place a cooler or fan (if you have one) in front of the window. This will lead to the gradual evaporation of heat from the room/house.
    • Avoid the use of stoves and ovens if possible. All the heat will not only give a feeling of fatigue to the person who cooks in the family, but will also raise the temperature of the whole house. Look for summer recipes that are simple and easy. If you have a backyard or a large balcony, try cooking something on the grill by setting up a homemade barbecue.
    • Avoid hot showers. Use a neutral water temperature and drink as much water as possible!
    • Surround yourself with plants. If you have a small free space, terrace, balcony or garden, especially in the part of the house that is most exposed to the sun, fill it with plants. They will serve as protection against heat.
    • Turn off household appliances. In addition to energy consumption, electrical appliances heat the environment. Unplug appliances such as the computer, TV, coffee maker when not in use, and turn off the lights when you don't need them.


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