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How to Create a Signature in Gmail ?

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While many use third-party email clients, like the one offered by default on Windows, on Mac or on iPhones and Android smartphones – through excellent alternatives like Spark – others rely directly on the solution proposed by Google.

Available in web version, but also as an application for mobile devices, Gmail is actually one of the most advanced and versatile email clients on the market &# 8211; offering numerous options whether in terms of sorting, AI, or even connection to third-party services allowing you to further personalize the experience.

< p>However, this shower of features can sometimes lose some users, particularly when it comes to creating one or more signatures in Gmail, with for example a logo, your name and your contact details – especially since even if you find the editor, the latter can remain limited and break your formatting. We tell you everything about signatures in Gmail, and how to create them more easily and use them whether in the web version or on a smartphone.

Creating a signature in the web version of Gmail is relatively simple, provided you know where in the long list of email settings the functionality is hidden. To create a signature in Gmail follow these steps:

How to Create a Signature in Gmail ?

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  • Open your browser internet on your computer, and enter Gmail.com in the address bar.
  • Your inbox will then appear &#8211 ; click on the gear to the left of your avatar at the top right to access the service settings.
  • Once in the settings, scroll down the page practically until the end – the option Signatures is indeed located towards the bottom of the page.
  • Click on + Create and give your first signature a name (e.g. Main)
  • A list (containing at the beginning only a signature) and an editor directly to its right is then displayed.
  • Use the editor to format your signature according to your wishes.

Attention: the size of the signature is limited to 10,000 characters, & #8220;images included”. The latter, more complex than text, can however quickly saturate this quota. Google advises reducing the size of the image to avoid being blocked. We recommend trying to use an image hosted elsewhere instead by clicking on the publisher's image logo and entering their direct internet address in the URL tab or importing it from Google Drive to save space and thus more easily complete the creation of your signature.

Once this is done, configure the cases in which it should be attached to your emails, just below these selection and editing fields. For example, you can force or not force it to be added to all your emails and your replies, independently. And create as many signatures as you want – to adapt it according to the recipient.

How to elegantly align your image to the left or right of your signature

How to Create a Signature in Gmail ?

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Even copying and pasting, Gmail's default signature editor can be frustrating… This actually offers few options for correctly aligning a floating image to the right or left of the signature text and is likely to break your formatting. Fortunately, there is a trick that is as practical as it is little known to force the correct display of a signature thus composed. To do this:

  • Go to Google Sheets (docs.google.com) the online suite spreadsheet and create a new document.
  • Start by simply copying and pasting your complete signature with the image, in the first box at the top left.
  • The cell just to the right now contains all the text – which is likely to be invisible.
  • If this is the case, select the text inside the cell, then use the edit bar to change the color, but also the formatting (bold, italics, etc.).
  • The images do not appear ;do not necessarily matter directly – go to the Insert menu at the top, then Image > Insert image into cell.
  • From there, import the image from your computer or Google Drive, among other examples , depending on your preference.

How to Create a Signature in Gmail ?

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  • Your signature is ready, you must now give a name to the document, and change the document sharing options to All world (with link).
  • Last step in Google Sheets: select and copy the cells that contain your signature (and only these).

Useful tip: in case of newline in the same cell , press the modifier key for your operating system before pressing Enter (Cmd + Enter on Mac, Alt + Enter on Windows). Resize the cells to your liking so the title block looks professional (links are added automatically if you enter a web or email address).

  • Go back to the signature settings in Gmail – from there in the editor corresponding to the signature simply paste the signature created in the Google Sheets document.

It is possible that you once again have to change the color of the text which for some reason automatically changes to white on white on our computer – but once this operation is completed, your signature will finally be configured as it should be!

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We recommend creating your signature via the web version of Gmail – clearly more practical, so to speak, for this. Depending on the formatting required, creating a Gmail signature in the iOS or Android app can be hell, especially since, at the time of writing, the solution proposed in section < em>How to elegantly align your image to the left or right of your signature does not work on mobile.

You can, however, configure a mobile signature for sending emails from your smartphone, but according to our tests, only text is accepted – without any formatting. The signature configured in the web client should, however, integrate normally if the “mobile signature” is disabled.

To find where the signatures are configured on a smartphone, it’s very simple:

  • Open Gmail.
  • Go to the hamburger menu at the top left then Settings > Signature settings.

The procedure is more or less the same on iPhone and Android smartphones.

We hope this tutorial was useful to you. If you encounter difficulties or know of other methods, do not hesitate to share them with the site community in the comments of this article!

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