How to deal with bullying at work?


August 6, 2022, 19:09 | Business

You can give up and look for a new job, or find the strength to cope with the pressure.

How to deal with bullying at work?

Mobbing is a frequent phenomenon in organizations of various sizes. Bullying manifests itself in the form of psychological violence against one of the employees, which most often leads to dismissal. You can give up and look for a new job, or find the strength to cope with the pressure, informs Ukr.Media.

Find out the reason

< p>Most often, bullying is organized in an unhealthy team, but sometimes the reasons for mobbing include the fault of the person who feels that he is unfairly offended. Unscrupulous performance of duties, frequent sick leave, tendency to discuss colleagues behind their backs — if all this is not about you, then you need to look for the reason in your colleagues.

Sometimes bullying is provoked by wrong conclusions or general mistakes, so the first thing the first place to start when dealing with a bad attitude is to find the cause.

To begin with, make sure that you are not giving obvious reasons for this attitude towards yourself.

Trust, but verify

Probability of professional mistakes should be minimized. To do this, clarify all the information presented by colleagues. They say the boss let you leave early: it's worth checking with the manager if that's the case.

Trying to replace your keyboard with the excuse that it's faulty: it's very likely that a co-worker is using this trick to get rid of his broken equipment. Trust must be earned, and if the atmosphere in the team is unhealthy, then it is better not to give others the opportunity to use themselves.

Discuss problems with the manager

Internal conflicts in the company harm the business, so an adequate manager will be interested in maintaining work capacity and normal conditions.

You shouldn't ask for support because of every little thing, like the fact that they ate your cookie or drank from a personal cup, but you must pay attention to moments that harm the common cause. The manager will not be affected by mockery and jokes directed at an employee who is oppressed by the team, but a spoiled report or technique will become a reason for consideration.

If the situation crosses all limits, talk about the problem with the boss.

Identify the leader

An informal leader uses humiliation to assert himself in the team. Such people annoy managers, so you can find support in the person of the boss. You should not enter into open conflicts and succumb to the provocations of people who are only a tool in the hands of the instigator. It is better to react calmly and with dignity to what is happening.

It is important to show that you are not just afraid, but with indulgence towards the stupid behavior of a colleague. Tweeting is interesting when a person feels fear, reacts emotionally and shows powerlessness, and when the reaction is non-standard or indifferent, then the process becomes uninteresting.

Find allies< /p>

With the appearance of a new object to bully, the old "whacking doll" breathes a sigh of relief, but that doesn't mean the offended employee has forgotten how he was bullied. You can count on sympathy and even support from former victims.

This is another reason to oppose yourself to the cause of conflicts. Employees who do not like the old order will reach out to a new leader, who will help eradicate old traditions and inappropriate behavior.

Sometimes it is really easier to change jobs than to fit into a team where it is customary to set each other up, gossip or drink. after work.


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