How to defrost a refrigerator quickly and safely?


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The total defrosting time of an old-style refrigerator is about 6 hours, which can be reduced by knowing some tricks.

How to defrost the refrigerator quickly and safely?

Absolutely all refrigerators require occasional defrosting. The process of defrosting the refrigerator is long and tiring. How can you speed up the process of defrosting a refrigerator?

Modern models of refrigerators allow you to simplify this process as much as possible, but even with them it is still not so easy, informs UkrMedia.

What you need to remember Remember when working with an old or new device? What to do when emergency defrosting is needed?

Principles of defrosting an old-style refrigerator

Old-style refrigerators were equipped with a drip system that does not prevent the appearance of ice in any way, so even with careful operation, the freezer quickly became covered with ice, to which the door stuck after a while, making it impossible to open it.

Defrosting after a month or two was a mandatory action. Today, similar models and cooling systems can be found even in some modern refrigerators, so their happy owners need to understand how the defrosting procedure works.

  • First, the refrigerator is disconnected from the electrical network by removing the plug and hanging it up. (do not put on the floor!).
  • Secondly, you need to immediately take care of the products that have been loaded into the camera. If there is a second freezer, it is better to move them there so that the temperature does not fluctuate. If not, then you can move them to the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. In winter, you can take it to the balcony.

All the complexity often lies precisely at this stage, since not everyone has the option of transferring products to such conditions. You can leave them in the kitchen, but then you will have to urgently think about how to quickly defrost the old refrigerator so that frozen vegetables, fruits and semi-finished products do not have time to defrost. Most importantly, do not leave food near the stove or other devices that emit heat. At a standard temperature (18-22 degrees), the products can lie for 1-2 hours, during which time you will defrost them. you need to protect them from melting, wrap the pieces of meat with cellophane, put the contents of the freezer between them: the meat defrosts very slowly, so you won't have to worry for the next couple of hours.

  • Open the camera door completely, if necessary, support it so as not to prevent automatic closing. If there are drawers inside, they need to be pulled out/removed. With a thick layer of ice, it will be possible to do this only after the upper layer of ice has melted.
  • Put a thick cloth under the freezer and place a tray in which the melt water will collect. In most old models, it comes complete with a refrigerator, new ones are often without it. Every half hour the tray will have to be changed, and the rag will have to be wrung out.
  • As the layers of ice melt, they can be removed with a wooden spatula. It is better not to use sharp metal objects, because you can damage the coating of the walls.
  • After the camera is completely cleaned of ice, perform a standard wet cleaning: wet a rag in warm water and wring it out well (it should not drip), wipe the walls, including the back. Containers and doors can be washed, but must be thoroughly dried before being placed back into the chamber. If there are obvious contaminants in the refrigerator itself, they can be eliminated with baking soda.
  • You can connect the refrigerator to the network only after it is dry inside and you fill the chamber with products.

The total duration of defrosting an old-style refrigerator is about 6 hours, which can be shortened by knowing some tricks. However, if this procedure is regular, it will stop taking so much time.

How to defrost new models of refrigerators?

In a modern refrigerator, even the most budget and simple model, there is protection against freezing, which is indicated by the “no frost” label. In theory, it should prevent the need to defrost the equipment, but in practice, it should still be done at least once a year to maintain the initial performance.

And if it may not be necessary for the refrigerator itself, then you need to defrost the freezer. All the more so since no one canceled wet cleaning.

  • Moreover, if your model does not have this protection against freezing, the procedure will have to be carried out at least once a year, otherwise the equipment risks breaking in the first years of its life.

Professionals recommend defrosting a new model refrigerator with the “no frost” system. according to the instructions attached to each model, as individual nuances are not excluded. The general scheme of operation is almost completely identical to that given for the old-style models:

  1. The plug is removed from the outlet to disconnect the device from the electrical network.
  2. The door opens to start the flow of warm air.
  3. Products are removed and transferred either to the refrigerator or to a cool room.

Further steps depend on the condition of the freezer. If there is no ice on it (with the correct operation of the device), it is enough to simply wait an hour to an hour and a half, then wash the walls, dry them and fill the chamber with products back. Preventive defrosting of new refrigerators does not last long, there is no point in speeding it up.

In case of damage to the thermostat or other parts, due to which the device with the “no frost” system the notorious icy "fur coat" can form, you will have to wait the same 5-6 hours as with the old refrigerator, remove pieces of ice with a shovel, change pallets and wring out a cloth that collects moisture.

How to quickly defrost the refrigerator and freezer?

Some users prefer to clean the ice ” fur coats” from the camera mechanically. After the device is disconnected from the electrical network, they begin to beat the skin with a knife or other sharp and heavy object. Of course, visual cleaning is achieved very quickly, sometimes half an hour is enough for the equipment to become like new. However, such a procedure actually leads to its breakdown, since blows, especially frequent and strong, damage the tubes extending to the walls of the chamber. As an emergency method, when you urgently need to at least somehow open the inner door or slide out a drawer, you can also resort to this method, but it is extremely undesirable to abuse such actions, and even more so not to completely defrost the refrigerator in this way.

There are alternative and safer options for quickly defrosting an old-style refrigerator. New models are usually not affected by this problem:

  • A bowl of warm water placed inside the refrigerator's freezer accelerates its defrosting process. However, here you need to take into account that the temperature is within 40-45 degrees, not higher. And even more so, no boiling water: in contact with the bottom or walls of the refrigerator, it will contribute to the malfunction of the device. It is advisable to take an enameled water container, and change the water itself every half hour as it cools. To speed up the process, you can place a bowl on each of the shelves.
  • An alternative option is a heating pad filled with warm water. Acts locally, therefore it is recommended to use it not to defrost the camera completely, but to eliminate the ice crust in a separate area. This method can help if you need to open a frozen door as quickly as possible.
  • Another option that is available to many is a simple hair dryer. It is desirable that it has good power, otherwise the result will have to wait as long as the usual defrosting of the refrigerator without outside help. The flow of warm air is directed to areas that are heavily iced, prompting them to melt. The disadvantage of the method is the need to personally be near the freezer/refrigerator. It is impossible to leave the hair dryer turned on inside: firstly, the constant direction of the hot air jet will lead to overheating of the area; secondly, the liquid that accumulates inside the camera can flow into the hair dryer and cause a short circuit.
  • No hair dryer? You can use… vacuum cleaner The convenience of this method is that certain areas can be defrosted using the function of removing air from the pipe. The only problem is that only new models of vacuum cleaners support this function.
  • Some housewives accelerate the defrosting of the refrigerator or freezer with the help of a fan. This method is quite safe, since room temperature air is distilled, so even with a constant flow direction, overheating of the wall will not occur. However, the speed of defrosting will not increase as much as with a hair dryer.

In conclusion, it should be reminded once again that you can defrost the refrigerator and freezer only after turning it off the device from the socket, because otherwise not only the speed of this process will be affected, but also the internal parts of the unit itself. And don't forget that even new models with the “no frost” function need annual preventive defrosting to increase their service life.


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