How to determine the condition of the car by the color of the exhaust gases


February 15, 2022, 14:31 | Auto

The exhaust system of a working car should generate colorless smoke.

How to determine the condition of a car by the color of exhaust gases< /p>

Smoke coming out of a car's exhaust pipe is barely noticeable most of the time, and this state of affairs is normal for a properly functioning exhaust system. If the color of the exhaust has changed, this may also indicate a malfunction of the machine. Auto experts explained what this or that color of the exhaust means, Ukr.Media informs.

White thick smoke

In winter, we are most likely talking about condensate, which forms as the cold engine warms up and evaporates in the form of thick white steam. One of the dangers of short car trips is that it does not have time to fully warm up before all the condensation evaporates. As a result, it accumulates and causes corrosion of the exhaust system. If the weather outside is positive, white smoke may be the result of antifreeze leaking into the engine. In this case, white smoke will accompany you constantly (unlike the situation with condensation).

Blue smoke

Such a color may indicate that the motor is “eating” oil. There can be several reasons, for example, you recently poured engine oil and now its excess is burning. Serious causes include worn valve seals, piston rings, or a failed turbocharger.

Grey smoke

It can also be produced due to burning oil, but there are other options. These include a failed PCV valve or leaking transmission fluid (if the vehicle has an automatic transmission).

Black smoke

If the engine is gasoline, you should check the air filter and fuel injectors. You can check the fuel pressure regulator. Black smoke indicates burning too much fuel. If the car runs on diesel fuel, such smoke can indicate the accumulation of soot. Usually, it settles if you constantly drive at a low speed and for short distances. The best way to clean the exhaust system is to drive on the track at high speed. But the problem may be caused by the lack of a DPF filter designed to catch soot.


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