How to easily wash traces of tape or stickers – an effective way


    July 15, 2022, 20:06 | Science and technology

    Tacks even the old sticky trail.

    How to easily wash traces of tape or stickers — effective method

    Sometimes after buying dishes or decorative items, housewives face a problem. The sticker seems to be “sticky” to the product and comes off, leaving behind a sticky trace, to which it will later be “magnetized''. dust, hair, wool and other garbage, informs Ukr.Media.

    There is a method that involves the use of soda. The method works, but you need to make more effort to wipe off the dirt.

    But there is a more effective way with less effort. To begin with, take a hairdryer, heat the label with a hot stream of air. Next, it is hooked with a knife and removed as much as possible.

    The remains are wiped with a napkin soaked in vodka. Then it remains only to wipe the surface dry.

    You can get rid of labels on glass jars with the help of sunflower oil, which is impregnated with a paper napkin and applied to the place with the sticker. Leave for the night. Next, they are sent under hot water and washed with household soap. Not a trace remains from the sticker or tape.


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