How to eliminate bad breath

Scientists from the University of Munich said that ginger helps to eliminate bad breath. Such property shall root ingredient gingerol-6.

Как устранить неприятный запах изо рта

Undesirable breath sometimes can occur due to any food eaten. According to the recommendations of German experts, to solve this problem you need to carry in a small lockable container piece of ginger, and, if necessary, to chew it.

According to experts, the gingerol-6, part of the rhizome and give it a characteristic pungent taste, might act as assistant from halitosis. Thanks to this component the activation of the enzyme in saliva that eliminates the unpleasant, including and especially nauseating, the smells.

So, ginger will help to quickly remove long-lasting bad “fragrance” remaining due to the consumption of various products, for example, coffee or onions. Still, as scientists assure, useful fruit struggling with pain in the muscles, is the prevention of cancer and also helps with hair loss and dandruff.

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