How to feed December in November so that it pleases with lush flowering. A simple measure

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December is a symbol of winter and Christmas

How to feed December in November so that it enjoys lush bloom. Simple middle

Winter is a time of joy. Family meetings, discounts, the smell of the Christmas tree and Christmas. All this reminds us of the most important thing: happiness lies in simple things.

One of the symbols of Christmas is the grudnik. How to feed a flower so that it blooms for Christmas?

It's worth taking care of the grudnik now. If you feed the plant properly in November, it will delight you with flowering in December.

We use boric acid for this. To prepare the medium, dilute 1 gram of boric acid in the form of powder in a liter of water. However, it is worth remembering that the water should stand for 24 hours. And before watering, the soil should be slightly moistened.

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