How to get a role in a movie: advice from the actor Kostya Voitenko

How to get a role in a movie: advice from the actor Kostya Voitenko

If you are dreaming of movie roles, red carpets and awards, then it's worth taking action. To do this, you need to go through auditions for television projects. How to do this – based on his own experience, the Ukrainian actor Kostya Voitenko advised.

How to get a role in a movie: advice from the actor Kostya Voitenko

The actor is well known to the audience for his roles in the films and TV series “Parajanov”, “When We Are Home”, “A Million Village”, “Foundlings”, “Valentine's Night” and others. House for good luck. ” Before the premiere, the famous Ukrainian shared his recipe for success with Novy Kanal.

Kostya Voitenko said that actors should not be intimidated by castings, because this is a kind of training that everyone should go through.

I admit I love castings. This is a very cool trainer for an actor. And the more of them in your life, the better. It's not hard for me to go through them, and I never get upset if they don't get approved for the role. I always understand that, perhaps, another actor is more suitable, – said Kostya Voitenko.

How to get cast for films The Ukrainian actor said that you need to carefully prepare before auditions. On the advice of Voitenko's bones, you should not rely on improvisation, because this way you can not get a role in important career projects. Therefore, before casting, learn the text and record the monologue on video to see your own acting mistakes.

Record it several times with your phone camera. Then watch the video. Evaluate yourself from the outside. I am sure you will see some nuances. Correct them before casting. And during the auditions themselves, be open to the director. Listen to him and follow all the advice, he advised.

In addition, the actor recalled a funny story from his experience. Earlier, when Kostya Voitenko was still in university, he had a chance to audition for a war film. The actor liked the role, and therefore he showed in front of the director that he was ready to play a dramatic character. But a coin prevented him from getting a job.

“Then I was in my second year at the theater department. And he decided to try his hand at a role in a war film. My classmate also came to the casting. After the audition, the director came to us and said that he did not know who to choose for this role. According to him, the two of us coped with the tasks set. Then he decided to flip a coin. And it fell out not in my favor. This is the only time in my life when I really wanted to get a role. Unfortunately, it didn't work out, ”said Kostya Voitenko.

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