How to get rich by turning yourself into a “magnet” for money – non-obvious rules


July 18, 2022, 11:04 | Business

Household magic.

How to get rich by turning yourself into a "magnet" for money &mdash non-obvious rules

Today the Internet is full of advice from esotericists and other "devotees" into the mysteries of the universe. One of the secrets with which they attract their followers is the "magical" ritual called “Become a magnet for money”, informs Ukr.Media.

Its essence is quite simple: they advise you to buy a red purse, or hang red panties on a chandelier, or put a frog with a red bracelet in its open mouth in a corner. We will not judge the effectiveness of these rituals. But there are other steps that have brought many people great financial results.

So, meet the four rules of "attraction" money in your life, which "magically" will make you a very wealthy person:

Become the best expert in your field of activity

This is probably the most guaranteed way to get very high income over time.

It is available only to those who "invest" their time and energy in acquiring practical skills and mastering advanced technologies. In this case, thanks to your uniqueness, it will be impossible to catch up!


Don't be in a hurry to give up and give up set goals. After all, luck favors the persistent and stubborn (in the good sense of the word).

Your self-belief and endless optimism

This is the most powerful 'magic' that can turn you into a 'magnet' ; not only for money, but also for a large number of good people and opportunities.

Alone in the field is not a warrior, so when the "right" people, then any task becomes your shoulder.

Make your money work

It is important to make a warning here – don't you should take an excessively high risk (investing your money in a financial pyramid, crypto, trading or forex).

Resolutely reject promises of high returns and quick ways to 'become a millionaire from the slums'. Give preference to long-term investments in quality assets.

By the way, you should not panic because of the events taking place now in the economy and on the stock market. The point is that the economy is cyclical, and every devastating collapse is followed by a recovery. It has always been like that and it will always be like that.


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