How to get rid of the smell of food in a small apartment or studio


    February 11, 2022, 10:36 | Science and technology

    6 effective ways.

    How to get rid of the smell of food in a small apartment or studio< /p>

    Ventilation, regular cleaning and home fragrances – we tell you how to reduce the smell of food in an open space, informs Ukr.Media.

    Open window during and after cooking

    In a small studio, the smells from the stove and oven quickly spread throughout the apartment – even if you have a good hood. Therefore, open the window while cooking and ventilate the entire room immediately after you finish eating. The ideal is to create a draft, but it is not so easy to do in the studio. If possible, open the front door parallel to the window for 10-15 seconds — this will help to quickly replace most of the air volume. Without regular ventilation, the smell will settle on textiles and wallpaper, which is not so noticeable while you are at home, but is immediately felt when you enter the apartment from the street.

    Reduce amount of textiles

    All fabrics absorb odors very well. Therefore, in the studio it is better to abandon hooks with outerwear in the hallway – jackets and coats can be permeated with strong odors in one evening. Also, replace curtains on the floor with roller blinds that are easy to clean with a regular sponge. It is also better not to lay a carpet in the dining area – or at least choose a model with a short pile.

    Clean the equipment regularly

    Even when the cooking is finished, the oil splatters on the stove and in the oven still smell a little. In order not to spend a lot of time on cleaning, buy a detergent for kitchen surfaces and appliances that sprays. To apply it and wipe it with a clean sponge, it will take a couple of minutes, and the air in the kitchen area will become noticeably cleaner. The dust that settles inside the hood also collects odors, so don't forget to periodically remove the grill and wipe the filters.

    Use interior scents< /p>

    Before you start cooking, turn on the aroma lamp or spray some interior perfume in the recreation area. If you follow all the previous points, the smell of food in the apartment will be minimal, and the pleasant aroma will easily drown it out. If you prefer natural methods, put a couple of small bowls with coarse salt on the bedside table or chest of drawers. It absorbs odors well, and if you drop orange or lemon juice into it, a light natural aroma will float in the air. Another option is to spread freshly ground or ground coffee in bowls. It will cover unpleasant odors and lift the mood with an invigorating aroma.

    Wipe the walls once a season

    Odors settle on the walls, so it is desirable to clean them too. It is enough to do this once every 3-4 months – and be sure to find out in advance which cleaning method is suitable for your treatment. Most coatings cannot be rubbed – you can only use a weak soapy solution and a soft sponge.

    Wipe dust more often

    Dust is not only harmful to health, but also collects food odors. Therefore, do not forget to regularly wipe all horizontal surfaces with a damp cloth. Pay special attention to the space around the stove, and don't forget about the plinth, moldings and cornices. Once a season, you should take a ladder and wipe the dust on the upper surface of the cabinets and refrigerator.


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