How to lose weight while exercising at home

Important regular classes.

Как похудеть, занимаясь спортом в домашних условиях

Not everyone has the time and opportunity to do at the gym and run for weight loss, because salvation for busy people is a home fitness.

But it needed order, necessary equipment and a system of action.

The most important element before starting a workout program is the inventory. Experts advise to buy a Mat, a skipping rope, two dumbbells for 3-6 kg and fretboard 10-15 kg.

Moreover, the ideal strength training should last 20-40 minutes, not 2-3 hours. You should start with cardio to warm up and accelerate fat burning. If you have no treadmill, you can dance in front of the mirror or jump rope.

Experts advise not to train more than three times a week. This is enough to pull the body and drop excess fat. Much to get involved with fitness is not worth it, because the body needs time to recover. Thus, it is best to train through the day.

The fact that the body gets used to regular training. Experts advise to give yourself a break once a month for 2-3 days as this helps to improve endurance and speed up the process of weight loss.

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