How to lower the risk of strokes and heart attacks in men

The doctors explained how to minimize the risk of strokes and heart attacks among men.

Как понизить риск инсультов и инфарктов у мужчин

As it turned out, you can lower the rice of the emergence of strokes and heart attacks among older men using hormone-replacement therapy. As it turned out, the risk of complications after the use of hormones is reduced even in people with chronic heart diseases. And this decline is significant – 80%, the study showed.

It is known that many women after menopause to reduce unpleasant symptoms of this condition begin to take hormones. And thus, hormone-replacement therapy relieves the fairer sex from such problems as mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, pain in the abdomen and many others.

But last time the doctors began to talk a lot about the benefits of hormone replacement therapy for men who have not experienced such an intimate and difficult moments in life when the testosterone level falls sharply, as it occurs in women.

However, in men the amount of sex hormones all the same gradually declines with age. And it becomes a cause of reduction of muscle mass, depression, manifests itself by feelings of weakness, frailty, and many other unpleasant symptoms.

So it turns out that in recent years, doctors have been actively promoted hormone replacement therapy for men who are offered pills, patches and gels. All of these drugs can increase the level of testosterone. Not so long ago for this reason there were concerns that this may increase the risk of heart disease, and tumors of the prostate.

But American experts found that men aged 58 to 78 years old who already have heart problems, will benefit in their health from the practice of hormone replacement therapy. As is well known. the reduction in testosterone affects the heart, and its raising perfectly enhances the functionality of this organ. To this conclusion came the experts surveyed 750 patients.

In the course of the research, the scientists came to the conclusion that hormone replacement therapy 80% reduced risk of heart disease compared to men of the same age category who took no hormones.

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