How to make sure that flies do not land on the mirror


July 7, 2022, 10:30 | In the world

Simple and fast way.

How to prevent flies from landing on the mirror

Flies often fly into the apartment in the summer. Insects sit on various surfaces: on tables, bedside tables, household appliances, upholstered furniture, informs Ukr.Media.

But for some reason, one of the most favorite places for flies there are mirrors.

Obviously, the appearance of insects on a mirror surface is an undesirable phenomenon.

In this case, a person it becomes much more difficult to carry out the usual hygienic procedures – washing the face and brushing the teeth.

Because of small uninvited guests of the apartment, men begin to experience difficulties with shaving, and women with applying makeup.< /p>

However, you can easily achieve that the mirror ceases to be "attractive" a surface for flies.

A rescue tool

Onions will come to the rescue. The vegetable should be cut into two halves. A section of one of them should be "walk" mirror.

As a result, an invisible "film" from onion juice.

This liquid will not cause any inconvenience to a person. But flies will be afraid of this transparent “shell”. As a result, insects will no longer appear on the mirror.


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