How to measure the load capacity of the trunk of cars

How to measure the load capacity of the trunk of cars

How to measure the load capacity of the trunk of cars

The trunk load capacity It is one of the most important aspects for many car drivers when purchasing a new unit. Whether it is for family necessity, because they take long trips or for other reasons, how much space there is in that sector of the vehicle can be a decisive element during the model selection process.

General Motors revealed how the trunk capacity test is carried out in a standardized way in the vehicles it sells in the region, such as the Chevrolet Onix, Onix Plus, Tracker and Cruze, among others.

This is how the trunk capacity is calculated

The measurement is carried out through the VDA system, a method widely used in the market. Is about put as many blocks as possible in the shape of a parallelepiped in the trunk. Each one is equivalent to one liter of volume. Therefore, how many enter defines the capacity. If 400 blocks go in, then the car has 400 liters of capacity in the trunk.

With this method, irregular spaces or with plenty of nooks are penalized and those with more usable volume are given greater value. This means that, on the capacity announced in the technical sheet, it is necessary to add a few more additional liters.

From the automaker they explain that measurement is done virtually and then there is physical validation. The arrangement of the blocks in the measurement cannot interfere with the opening and closing process of the trunk lid, or the standard position of the mobile cover in the case of a hatch or SUV, for example.

How to measure the load capacity of the trunk of cars

Recommendations for organizing a trunk

Specialists advise that when organizing a trunk, the ideal is to place the heaviest loads on the base and distribute them over the axle of the rear wheels. This ensures better vehicle dynamics and prevents the front of the vehicle and therefore its optics from rising.

If the charges are of similar density, it is preferable to accommodate those with greater volume first and then place smaller objects. The total weight, which involves adding the passengers and their luggage, cannot exceed the maximum recommended by the manufacturer for the car.

Keep in mind that the relationship between height, width and depth of a cargo space or trunk determines whether the space is suitable to accommodate suitcases of different sizes, a baby stroller or even a bicycle.

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