How to overcome professional burnout – work tricks


July 17, 2022, 13:06 | Business

How to fight burnout.

How to overcome professional burnout — work tricks

Professional burnout — one of the urgent problems of our time, poses a danger both at the individual and social level, informs Ukr.Media.

Many specialists in a wide variety of fields are prone to professional burnout to one degree or another. This complex problem represents a serious task both at the individual level, as a person feels discomfort, loses interest in the profession, and at the social level, due to the fact that an employee with burnout performs his duties much worse.

What does professional burnout look like

Professional burnout can be recognized by the following signs: work has ceased to bring pleasure, success is not pleasing, colleagues and management have become annoying , you feel chronic fatigue.

Professional burnout has the following symptoms:

  • work ceases to bring emotional satisfaction,
  • success at work no longer pleases,
  • colleagues and managers begin to annoy,
  • employee feels chronic fatigue,
  • < li>the employee begins to constantly make mistakes, does not see the meaning in professional activity.

Burnout should not be confused with a banal bad mood after an unsuccessful or difficult working day. In the case of emotional burnout, the employee is always in a bad mood, and any working day is perceived as difficult or unsuccessful. It is no coincidence that in 2019, the World Health Organization officially recognized the syndrome of emotional burnout as a disease.

Coping with the consequences of professional burnout is not easy. Very often, an employee needs qualified psychological help, but first you can try to overcome professional burnout on your own. What must be done for this?

A clear balance between work and personal life

Monitor the balance of work and personal life, do not forget about rest, meetings with relatives and friends, hobbies, sports.

Professional activities should not overshadow ordinary life with its small joys and troubles: communication with relatives, friendly meetings, hobbies and interests, housekeeping, walks and trips, caring for pets. No matter how important and profitable work is, rest is needed, even to the detriment of earnings. Remember that you will not earn all the money anyway.

Having a hobby

It is very important to find some new hobby that could bring pleasure and positive emotions, to which one could switch from constant work activities. For example, you can sign up for courses – from cooking to languages, start learning a new profession, take up a sport that attracts you.

Care for health' i

Health care is the most important task in preventing professional burnout. It is necessary to eat properly, get enough sleep, and do physical education.

If you do not get enough sleep, chronic fatigue will be superimposed on dissatisfaction with work, a negative vicious circle will form, which will be very difficult to overcome.

Have a great weekend and vacation

Try to switch your attention from work to other tasks. For example, you can come up with interesting entertainment for the weekend, make plans for Saturday and Sunday, for the next week. Sometimes it is worth taking additional vacation at your own expense, even if the salary is reduced because of it. Vacations and weekends should not be spent in a routine way – you should saturate yourself with bright impressions and positive emotions.

In extreme cases, you can think about whether to change your job or even your profession. It is never too late to do this, especially if you feel that the former type of activity can no longer bring you any positive emotions and you do not expect anything good from your current job.


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