How to prepare for the New 2020: tips for Zodiac Signs

Как подготовиться к Новому 2020 году: советы для Знаков Зодиака

To 2020 has brought success and new victories, you need to prepare for it. The advice of the astrologers will help to draw attention to the most important the new year to gain luck in the coming year.

Most recently, we were greeted by 2019, but beyond the threshold it’s already December, which means that we again start to dream and think what will surprise us in 2020. And to the year of the White Metal Rat went really well, now all the representatives of the zodiacal constellation have to do something that is not enough time before.


According to astrologers, 2019 for the Rams was too violent and energy consuming. Based on this fact, representatives of the Sign of the Fire in December, is to take a breather and make a holiday vacation. You should not indulge in the pleasant chores and small pleasures — at the finish line waiting for the best opportunities for wish fulfillment.


Taureans, because of their strong and unrestrained temper could cause for a lot of offense loved ones, not even noticing it. But the injuries caused can be severe burden on the soul. Therefore, in order to finish the year on a pleasant note, astrologers advise Taurus to apologize to everyone they wittingly or unwittingly offended. December is a great month to resolve conflicts, forgiveness of injuries and improve relations.


In December of 2019 the Twins it is recommended to deploy around itself bustling with activity: to assert claims and defend positions, to decide on fundamental changes. Main advantages — creativity and the element of surprise. The final month will show who is friend who is foe, what is force and what is a passing fad in my life. With proper determination of the end of the year will appreciate the results.


To cross the threshold from the old to the new Crayfish should move the focus to the field of career and money. Of debt and unpaid credit is to get rid of or at least block most of it. You should not take with them debts in the new year, or he could be unsuccessful in material terms. To avoid this, now is the time to thoroughly think over how to attract money and not go into minus.


December is a great month for representatives of a Lion, to help loved ones and thus get their approval and support in the future. Astrologers warn on the horizon will definitely be people who will need help. The task of the Lviv — find the time, energy and possibly money to support a person. If the year ends on a note of selflessness and sympathy, it promises luck in the beginning of next year.


Virgo completed a productive year that brought many victories and prospects for the future. And therefore the final week of the year is devoted to the transitional guests. Not laziness and inaction, and the spiritual journey and changes in my personal life. Many Virgins are waiting for the perfect opportunity to move to another country, the purchase of real estate, creating a family or starting business. But in order to improve their lives, is beginning to get rid of viruses of consciousness and internal constraints settings.


The conclusion of the year for the Weights is going to be full. They will have the opportunity to Express all their oppressors and close the door to the past. Astrologers advise not to miss this chance, otherwise the detractors and continue to terrorize. Also December for the Weights is the ticket to a new life, when you think about starting a family and buying an apartment.


The representatives of Scorpio occurs on a streak. All the craziest and wildest desires will be fulfilled in December. It requires only a little nudge approximation cherished, with courage and surprising everyone with its originality. But we must act delicately, not weaving intrigue and not unleashing wars. The conflict, which began in late 2019, will pursue a very long time. Diplomacy and intuition are key allies for the coming month.


December 2019 for Sagittarius — the month of romance, dates, Dating, socializing and love. Astrologers recommend to spend time usefully and engaged in developing relationships both business and romantic plan. Will be especially great if we could “bury the hatchet” and rebuild relations with close friends and family members. In 2020, these connections will be very helpful and contribute to the emergence of happiness in their lives.


Capricorn, a true workaholic, introduced himself pause: the final weeks of the year are best spent relaxing, leisurely Affairs and their health. It is not excluded that you will need to restore power to enter the new year refreshed and ready for new challenges. But if strength is all right, you can organize new year holidays, including a trip to their beloved country.


Aquarius it is advisable to think about your life: to remember all the changes, both good and not, and to draw lessons from them. It is useful to change your mindset, image, job, social status or place of residence: the planet give the green light of the dramatic changes and momentous decisions. Most importantly, these metamorphoses were meaningful. Astrologers advise to adhere to the correct direction, to expand your life in the right direction.


Representatives of the water Sign waiting for a month when you need to intelligently make a decision that will change their lives. This will depend on not only the immediate future and the entire fate of the whole. This will require courage and determination, otherwise happiness just pass by. Courage will make life brighter and richer, and may get rid of many problems in the future.

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