How to purify tap water at home so that it is suitable for drinking


June 6, 2022, 18:35 | In the world

You don't need to search and buy it in the store.

 How to purify tap water at home to make it safe to drink

It is extremely important to make sure that water is purified or treated before drinking it. If the water available to you is contaminated and you do not have bottled water, there are various methods used today to purify tap water. And each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Raw tap water contains unwanted chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines. Aquatic parasites, pesticides, herbicides and other dangerous pollutants also enter tap water, Ukr.Media informs.

But how to get rid of them and clean the water?

Let's talk about how to do it quickly and easily:

  • After straining. Pour the water through a piece of clean cloth or gauze – the remains of silt or dirt will remain on it.
  • Saturate the water with oxygen. In domestic conditions, quickly shake the dishes with water for 5 minutes, then leave to settle for another half hour so that the sediment remains at the bottom.
  • Defend the water. In a day, 50% of harmful bacteria in the water die, and some settle to the bottom. The container with water should be closed and have a wide mouth. The longer you store water in a safe place, the fewer harmful elements remain in it.
  • Make a filter. Water can be passed through sand or gravel. At home, you can make a filter from clay, metal or plastic dishes. The design should have several layers under the water, the filter itself and the water outlet from above or below. Filtered water must also settle for 48 hours so that the remains of harmful bacteria settle or disappear. Charcoal or activated carbon can also be used as a filter. The filter elements should be cleaned and replaced regularly.
  • Disinfect the water. Storing, settling and filtering water reduces the content of harmful bacteria, but does not guarantee safe drinking. Water can be disinfected by boiling for at least 5 minutes. To preserve the best taste of water, it should be actively stirred. Boiled water should also be stored in clean, closed containers.


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