How to put an uninterrupted church charm on yourself


June 23, 2018, 10:55 | Culture

This strongest cautionary spell cannot be broken, and let your enemies not even try to harm you – they will be worse off.

How to put on an uninterrupted church amulet

This is a very strong amulet that will protect you not only from misfortune on the road, but also from evil people and from the tricks of enemies. It is almost impossible to defeat him, and those who try to do so, most likely, will themselves suffer from a backlash, informs Ukr.Media culture.

Glory to the Father, glory to the Son, glory to the Holy Spirit.
Lord, save the servant of God (name) from all evil,
From tricks, fabrications, secret plans,
Nets, traps, poisons, swords,
Conspiracies, refusals, cunning, treacherous negotiations,
From an enemy visit, from imprisonment,
From a bribe and a sword, from a word spoken in vain,
From a hostile meeting, from a false promise.
From the flooding water, from the drowning wave,
From the beast, from the fire, save me, Lord, save me.
From the raging wind, from the ice, save me, Lord, save me.
From the evil sorcerer, save me, Lord, protect me.
From a terrible illness, from an early useless death,
From an upside-down cross, save me, Lord, protect me.
Tsur, my mind, Tsur, my flesh,
Zur, my living red blood,
Zur, my wild li ha dumka.
My guardian angel, pray for my soul.
All that I said, which, having forgotten, I did not say,
Word for word come to me, the servant of God (im&#39 ;ya),
Save from all evil.
Key. Castle. Tongue.
Amen. Amen. Amen.


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