How to quickly dry clothes after washing – a life hack from a blogger from the USA


    July 9, 2022, 17:06 | Science and technology

    A simple trick.

    How to quickly dry clothes after washing — life hack from bloggers from the USA

    Blogger Caroline Solomon from the USA showed a simple way to quickly dry clothes after washing. The relevant clip appeared on her TikTok account, Ukr.Media informs.

    According to a cleaning expert, in the absence of a dryer, you can use the following life hack. Yes, the wet thing should be spread on a towel previously placed on a flat surface. Then you need to roll the towel together with this product and squeeze it well.

    "I call it the "burrito method" (a cake with a filling wrapped in it)", the author of the video said.

    After the mentioned manipulation, as Solomon assures, the item of clothing should be hung dry as usual. However, if the moisture removal process needs to be made even faster, the product can be blown with hot air from a hair dryer, the specialist said.


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