How to save clothes that have been dyed during washing?


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Do not despair, there is a way out, you can use methods that will help to restore things to a beautiful shade.

How to save clothes , which became colored during washing?

Bright and dark clothes are recommended to be washed separately from light ones, as they can not only stain, but also stain the entire contents of the washing machine. Not everyone knows what to do if things are stained during washing, so they just throw them away when this happens. But you should not hurry with this, because today there are many ways to wash dyed clothes and return their color, informs UkrMedia.

Emergency measures< /p>

If you notice that the thing has been painted, try to take measures immediately. Try to wash it again in the usual way, but first sort the contents of the washing machine by color. For greater effectiveness before washing, stains can be rubbed with laundry soap and left for 3-4 hours.

If colored or dark stains have not had time to dry, dishwashing detergent will help wash them off. Add it to hot water and soak things in this solution for a couple of hours. If you have washed the laundry and it did not help, more serious measures are needed.

Good to know

The effectiveness of various measures that restore color largely depends on type of fabric It is easiest to return cotton clothes to their original appearance. Artificial materials, such as nylon, are difficult and sometimes impossible to bleach.

How to save clothes stained during washing ?

How to return color to things?

If you need to whiten colored items, try washing them in a machine by adding powdered bleach (available at a home improvement store) to your regular detergent. Liquid bleach is added to the pre-wash compartment. In order not to permanently spoil the white things, be sure to follow the instructions on the package of the product. If the item is not machine washable, first soak it in bleach for 5-6 hours, then wash by hand.

Bleach can be used if the fabrics are white. Bright clothes may lose their color after such treatment. It is recommended to use tools marked “Color” for it. or “For colored fabrics”. Many stain removers are not only added to the washing machine, but also pre-applied to the stain.


When buying bleach, pay attention to its composition. Agents with chlorine are not recommended for washing delicate fabrics: silk, wool, linen. The fabric can simply deteriorate from such an aggressive effect.

Folk remedies

  • Nasty alcohol or hydrogen peroxide

For 4 liters of water, you need 2 teaspoons of ammonia or 2-3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Pour water into a bucket, a metal basin or a large pan, add ammonia or peroxide to it, mix everything well and place the painted items in the solution. Place the basin on the stove and bring the water to a boil. To wash the fabric, boil it over low heat for about an hour.

If you are afraid that boiling may spoil the laundry, you can use another method.

Dissolve 10 ml of ammonia in 5 liters of hot water. Soak the thing in this solution for at least 1-1.5 hours. After that, the spots should disappear. But be prepared for the fact that a strong smell of ammonia will remain. To eliminate it, wash the item in a machine or by hand with a scented conditioner. This way you can wash both white and colored fabrics.

  • Starch, salt and citric acid

To prepare the cleaning composition, mix in equal proportions (about 1 tablespoon each) citric acid, salt, starch and rub laundry soap. Mix everything well and add a little warm water to make a thick paste. Take the clothes and apply this mixture on the damaged areas from the wrong side. Leave the thing in this form for 8-10 hours (you can overnight), then rinse it and, if necessary, wash it again in the machine.

  • Lemon juice

Lemon is famous for its bleaching properties, so it will help to restore the white color of things. Rub the damaged areas with half a lemon and leave the thing in this form for several hours. To whiten a product made of delicate fabric, you can soak it in water with lemon juice or citric acid. This is followed by ordinary washing, then drying.

  • Permanganate

This method is quite risky, so it should be used as the very last thing queue Dissolve a few crystals of potassium permanganate in water, add hand washing powder and mix. Soak things of the same color in this water for 1-1.5 hours. After that, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the laundry in a large amount of water.

How to save clothes stained during washing ?

General recommendations

  1. Have you washed an item and noticed that it has become stained? Start her “resuscitation” right away. You don't need to dry it, let alone iron it. Otherwise, the paint can eat into the fabric, after which it will be much more difficult to remove it.
  2. When trying to whiten things, do not mix several products at once. Use them separately from each other.
  3. Keep in mind that after boiling, the fabric may deform, become thinner, lose color. Therefore, it is recommended to resort to it in extreme cases, if simple washing did not help to whiten the laundry.
  4. When using chemicals, it is not recommended to wash or boil the thing more than 3 times in a row. Otherwise, the fabric fibers will disintegrate and nothing more will have to be done, as the clothes will be unfit for wear.
  5. If you bought a new thing and you don't know if it is prone to shedding, it is better to wash it separately from other clothes the first time.
  6. Most fabrics are dyed when washed in hot water. Therefore, when washing things at a high temperature, first separate them by color.
  7. So that things prone to shedding do not spoil other products, you can use special napkins that catch the color.

< p>Alternative ways to resuscitate things

What to do if it was not possible to send the item? Do not rush to throw it away. In some cases, clothes can be decorated. There are many ways that will allow you to create an author's item. Here are just some of them.

  • Try painting with special fabric paints. With the help of a stencil, paints and a sponge, you can make beautiful patterns. If you're good at drawing, you don't have to use a stencil at all.
  • Purchase acrylic fabric paint in an aerosol can. It is easy to apply, dries quickly, and the color is preserved when washed.
  • Some things, such as cotton, can be dyed completely by boiling in aniline dye.
  • A damaged item can be decorated with appliqués , rhinestones or sequins. Ready-made applications are sold in fabric and hardware stores.

If you have damaged an expensive product and doubt whether you can fix the situation yourself, you should not experiment and try all the methods one by one. In this case, it is better to splurge and use dry cleaning services.


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