How to save with a small salary, when it seems like nothing to give up


June 25, 2022, 09:04 | Business

Unmatched Money Saving Tricks.

How to save with a small salary , when it's almost like nothing to give up

Dinners in cafes, addiction to coffee and the habit of making spontaneous purchases can imperceptibly fill a big hole in your budget. It seems that everything is simple. In order not to go to the bottom like the Titanic, you need to earn more and spend less, informs Ukr.Media.

In this article, we have collected the little tricks that people have shared on social networks. Usually, people are reluctant to share secret ways to save. After all, the trick will cease to work if it is adopted by everyone from small to large. Therefore, seize the moment to get ideas that will help you keep money in your wallet as long as possible.

How to save on a small salary

According to the results of the survey, one in five Britons try to charge their phone at work. In addition, gadgets are often charged in restaurants, co-working spaces and other public places. And if the employer does not forbid, then you can stock up on electricity at work. True, for this you will need a capacious bank.

When you see a good offer, ask yourself: were you planning to buy it until you saw the discount? If the answer is "No", then this is not a profitable offer at all. Rather, clever marketers have convinced you to buy something you don't need.

Many stores offer carpet samples for free or for a minimal fee. It remains to connect them with tape — and you have an excellent carpet!

Blinds can be replaced with ordinary aerosol paint. And such a window upgrade will cost you, of course, much cheaper.

Try to keep a table of expenses. At the same time, opposite each line, make a mark about its necessity. For example, groats are a must, rent is a must, expensive shampoo is a must. Banal, but you will be very surprised at the number of spontaneous purchases.

Tricks from people who have learned to save

It is noteworthy that you can also save on items marked “required''. For example, the same English people put on more clothes instead of adding heating in the apartment. And sometimes they don't flush the water in the toilet after each visit and even bathe in the same water with someone else.

Use unnecessary cards or old music books as wrapping paper for gifts. Cheap and original!

Install one of the applications with store promotions on your smartphone. Very often there you can find out in advance about product discounts. Experienced shoppers claim that this way you can save up to 25% of all food costs.

Get into the habit of making big purchases only at the end of the month. First, you will no longer be without money in your pocket a week before your salary. And secondly, you will get additional time to decide whether you need this thing at all. Imagine that you have already bought it. Will your life change for the better? If it does not change, then the choice is obvious.


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