How to spend a little less money


July 4, 2022, 12:05 | Business

Saving is quite possible.

How to spend a little less money

Two days ago I received my salary, and today half of the money is gone. And nothing useful was bought. Familiar situation? So you need to learn how to save, informs Ukr.Media.

Seven rules of saving

Goal. The first thing to start with is to come up with a goal. What do you want to save for? What do you lack money for? Maybe it's a new blouse. And maybe you want to go to the sea? If there is a specific goal, there will be a desire to spend less.

Expenses and income. From the beginning of the month, start a notebook in which you will write down all income and expenses. So at the end of the month you will see what you spent the most on. Maybe you didn't even know about it. Looking at the list, you will immediately understand what should be bought a little less, and what should be completely abandoned.

To the store with the list. A lot of money is spent on impulse spending at the grocery store. Therefore, be sure to go to the store after eating, with a list of the most necessary products and with a limited budget. Yes, even if you want to buy something extra, you just don't have enough money.

Cash. Buy everything with cash. When you see how quickly the money in your wallet runs out, you will spend less.

Impulse purchases. If you now want to buy another black dress, postpone the purchase for a week. During this time, put your closet in order, review your outfits. Perhaps during this time you will change your mind about spending on a new item in your wardrobe.

Depression. Many people start sweeping everything in the store just because they want to cheer themselves up and get rid of stress. Find another, more useful occupation.

Piggy Bank. Everyone had a piggy bank in their childhood, into which they dropped unnecessary coins. Why not start one now? Only you need to put in it not a trifle, but paper bills.


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