How to stop living on credit and see opportunities for earning – the secret is simple


May 10, 2022, 2:00 p.m. | Business

How to easily get out of the debt swamp.

How to stop living on credit and to see earning opportunities — the secret is simple

Many of us constantly take out loans or borrow money from acquaintances. Unfortunately, this quickly becomes a habit and becomes a way of life. Therefore, when we look at people who always have enough of their own savings, we do not understand: how do they even manage to do this? Actually, the secret is simple. They live with other installations, informs Ukr.Media.

Debt is as much fear, and hope, and despair, and greed, and excitement, and gratitude, and satisfaction, and helplessness, and irresponsibility in this word. Each new debt, credit or loan that we take adds a whole range of emotions to our lives, but, unfortunately, not always pleasant ones. However, we rarely understand it immediately. For some reason, it seems to us that the new loan will save us, will definitely pull us out of the crisis hole. But, usually, it sucks us even deeper into the debt swamp.

However, the most interesting thing is not even that. The most interesting thing is that those who borrow have more and more debts every day, and less and less money. And for those who do not take, everything happens exactly the opposite: every day the money is more and more, and at the same time there are no debts.

And the difference between these two people is not at all in availability of a good job, level of knowledge, education or some in-demand skills. The difference in their thinking. There is even a term in psychology – “debtor thinking''.

So why are debts formed at all and where do they start? In order to understand this, let's turn to the most important law of the universe. It sounds like this: what we focus our attention on multiplies in our lives. If we consider this law from the point of view of esotericism, then it is about the power of our thinking. About the fact that we ourselves can create our reality with our thoughts, and, accordingly, what we think about, we attract into our lives.

If we justify this law from a psychological point of view, then it is about the selectivity of our attention. What is selective attention? For example, every woman who has given birth remembers that when she was pregnant, most of her thoughts revolved around her position (and the future child). And oh wonder! A huge number of pregnant women suddenly appeared around her. They were everywhere – on the street, in transport, in shops, and even on TV.

But could her pregnancy have caused the pregnancies of all these women? Of course not! She just started to notice them because this topic was relevant to her. This is the selective attention of our psyche. The power of our thinking.

Let's go back to our debts and credits. The same law applies here. The more we think about debts and loans, the more they become in our lives (make an analogy with a pregnant woman). Moreover, it does not matter what exactly we think about them – that we are tired of them and we do not want to take them anymore, or that it would be good to take another loan. The direction of our thoughts does not matter. After all, their main subject is one. And this is credit.

The more often, more and more emotionally you think about debts and loans, the more they will be in your life.

That's dealt with. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, and the main part of it – the one that really prevents you from getting rid of these debts – lies much deeper.

The main element of the debtor's thinking is expectation. Our expectations from other people. Have you ever caught yourself thinking things like these: “my son must do well'', “my husband must support me'', “my parents must take care of me'' , "my boss must pay my salary on time", "my state must provide me with a pension"? If you recognize yourself in any of these attitudes, then you are among the 90% of people on our planet who think this way.

So, the main reason for your debts is the habit of thinking in terms of “someone owes me something''. Why? And here we will have to return to the already familiar pregnant woman. When we are convinced that someone owes us something, what is the focus of our attention? Absolutely true! On the same notorious “must”. And then what will multiply in our lives, according to the basic law of the universe and our psyche? Right! Debt.

So the first thing you need to do to get rid of your debts is to get rid of the debt mindset. How to do it?

First, realize and admit that you think this way. This is the most important and most difficult step. Because it's always easier for us to point the finger at someone else and say: "yes, of course, she really always says that, but I don't. This is not a story about me at all. Turn to yourself and answer – do I think so? Honestly. Realized, recognized? Half the job is done.

The second step is to form a new type of thinking. Instead of the usual “everyone owes me'', take as a credo: “my whole life is my conscious choice''. And then, having changed your thinking in this way, what do you attract into your life? That's right, a choice. Or more precisely, a variety of options.

And this is where the "miracles" begin. Money seems to be falling from the sky, credits are melting, opportunities that were not seen before suddenly appear. Why? And just now you are "pregnant" not by “debts'', but by “choice''. And, accordingly, you see around you not “credits'', but “opportunities''. This is the whole miracle.

Well, the third step, without which this whole miracle will not work, is your actions. Choose from new opportunities, overcome fear and follow the path of your financial freedom to a life without loans and debts.


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