How to talk about money with a partner at the beginning of a relationship


July 10, 2022, 13:03 | Business

Allow yourself to speak, especially in relationships with loved ones.

How is it right at the beginning of a relationship to talk about money with a partner

"He says, choose a restaurant where we will go, and I don't know what his budget is and what I can afford.". "I choose an expensive restaurant. I don't want him to think that for my sake you don't need to try to earn money and strive for the best,'' informs Ukr.Media.

More and more often, similar phrases arise among women at the beginning of a relationship. They strive to push themselves into popular frameworks and distance themselves from their true selves.

Women are confused and conventionally divided into:

  • those who are afraid to appear "wasteful";
  • those who are convinced that requests should be at their maximum.

Let's start with the partner. Before meeting a woman, he was already somehow earning, he already had different motivations and usually, goals. The desire to earn is either there or not. Everything depends on the goals and plans for life.

Accordingly, let's assume that a man's earnings do not depend on a woman's. And so the need for a woman to take responsibility for this disappears.

The beginning of a relationship is called the “beginning” because it involves learning about each other. It is characterized by many questions, even subjectively “not clever”. It is not for nothing that there is a saying: “what you call a ship, so it will sail''. It is worth directly and honestly asking your partner: " on which check to choose a restaurant?". And that's normal.

Important! It is worth talking about it from the “I-position''. For example, “I feel uncomfortable when choosing a restaurant, because it is difficult for me to navigate by the price''. This applies not only to financial issues, but in general. You should learn to talk about yourself and your feelings. So that failure to agree does not lead to incorrect evaluations.

Also, we can give the partner the right to choose: "today it is your turn to choose the place of our meeting". But during the meeting, it is necessary to discuss this issue according to the above principle.

Allow yourself to speak, especially in relations with loved ones. The main thing is from the “I-position”.


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