How to understand that your husband will never get rich?


July 27, 2022, 11:07 | Business

Signs of a man who is unlikely to provide family stability.

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Feelings are good, but in a relationship it is also important to understand that you can rely on a man. A woman needs to know that her chosen one is able to provide the family with everything necessary and in the future the family will not end up near a broken trough. There are several signs by which it can be concluded that a man will always feel a lack of funds, informs Ukr.Media.

Excessive saving

< p>He thinks a lot about how to save money, but the saving turns out to be useless, because a person is focused on immediate profit, which is manifested in the purchase of the cheapest goods in the segment – from products to appliances, but does not look into the future. Cheap equipment often breaks, and if you add to its cost the price of repair or new equipment for replacement, the savings are questionable. Eating poor-quality products, which is even worse, undermines health both externally and internally. Which, in turn, undermines performance and causes many problems.

Falling for freebies

The desire to get something for free, combined with a mediocre knowledge of mathematics, always leads to a dead end. After all, as you know, free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap, and it is usual to pay for a “freebie”. more is needed. Such people collect goods they don't need in stores because there is a “two for the price of one” promotion for them, and they respond to the ad “I will give as a gift with pickup”, even if they give something old and terrible. Why does he need an old sideboard, it's free! And it's okay that you have to take it from the other end of the city.

Inability to invest

Money is not enough to earn, it still needs to be made to be able to manage things properly. It is not about investing in securities, but about investing in education (at least in professional literature) and health. If a man flushes all his earnings down the toilet, that is, spends them on food and momentary pleasures of entertainment, then no matter how sought-after a specialist he is, without development he will soon give way to more savvy colleagues.

Strict savings can be justified by a difficult financial situation, but if a man shows greed even with a stable income, does not understand where the real benefit is, and where it is a marketing trick, this is an alarming signal.


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