How to understand why a cat licks you


October 21, 2019, 22:44 | Animals

A cat can behave like this for various reasons.

How to understand why a cat licks you

The cat often licks the hands and face of the person it loves. This is known to every owner of mustachioed beauties. But why does the animal do this? Hardly just out of gratitude or love. Scientists believe there are several reasons why cats behave this way. So, why do they lick their masters and people they like? This question will be interesting for many owners, informs Ukr.Media.

Maternal instinct

< p style="text-align:left">Many experts believe that this is how cats express their concern. It is clear that they do not confuse a person with a kitten, but this instinct is the basis of their actions.

But why does an animal lick kittens? The cat wants to eliminate the smell so that no predator can smell the defenseless baby. And besides that, of course, she just washes the kitten.

Hand odor

Usually, cats like to lick the hands of their mistresses right after they finish preparing dinner or lunch and sit down for a few minutes in an armchair or sofa to rest.

It turns out , they do this because they feel the delicious smell of food. Even if the hostess has washed her hands after finishing cooking, the cat's nose can still smell the food.

Caring for the owner

The cat gets used to a certain rhythm of life. She does not understand what a weekend or vacation is. If a person woke up at the same time in the morning for six months, then on the first day of vacation, the mustachioed pet will not let the owner sleep until lunch.

A cat is a must will start licking his face and pushing, trying to wake him up. From her point of view, any disruption of the usual rhythm of life is something extraordinary. The cat is worried and expresses its feelings in such an extravagant way.


Cats can lick themselves when they experience health problems. The reason for such behavior can be almost any ailment — from diathesis to serious pathology of internal organs.

Therefore, cats often lick their owners when people are not feeling well. But if the person does not feel unwell, the animal should be taken to the veterinarian. A mustachioed pet can signal that she is not feeling well by licking herself.


Cats often lick their own paws just because they have nothing to do. They often transfer this behavior to their owners.

If in the evening in front of the TV the cat purrs on his lap for a long time, and then starts licking and biting the owner's fingers, it means that she is just bored.


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